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Hi I am Jo…wife, lover, best friend and soulmate to Keith. Lover of all things to do with nature and the canals. I am passionate about the Waterways and its history.

I hope you will join me in my rambles and do please comment – I love to hear from and meet new people in blogland!

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Monday 25 January 2021

Let it snow.


Dear family, friends and followers.

Wooo hoo we have had snow. Sunday morning we woke to some of the white stuff, falling from a leaden sky. At first it was powdery, but then the flakes got bigger and bigger and by 10am, we had quite a covering. This bought me a lot of joy, because I am a child when it comes to snow. The more the merrier, as far as I am concerned.

I would be more than happy to be snowed in. I guess being in lockdown, it would make no difference for us if we were snowed in. Of course I know for some it is a nightmare for travelling to work, but hey I still want lots of snow. 
It felt very festive and yes we still have the tree up in the Arm. It is giving us a lot of cheer and keeping our spirits up, whilst we wait for lockdown to end. If we had, had enough snow, I was quite prepared to go out and make a snowman, but by mid afternoon the snow had stopped and it was already melting. It never lasts for long in this country sadly. Having spent Sunday admiring the snow, it soon began to melt, until it froze overnight down to -5.6c. During the afternoon, I had a wonderful Zoom call with my wonderful girls. We spent a good hour and a half, just talking about anything and everything. They are both so precious and it is a joy having them back in my life. It is amazing how quickly the time goes when you are having fun.
After the frost overnight, it looked all white again. We were up early, because Keith had a phone call with his physio for the last time, because we seem to have gotten his pain under control and he now has the exercises to do for his Arthritis. I did not go far from the boat in the morning, because it was slippery underfoot, and I do not want to end up in A&E, holding up the NHS, when they are already stretched, so I stayed around the pontoon area, did all the boat chores and then got back inside where it was warm. 
After lunch, I decided to venture out into the Arm with my big camera to take some photographs.
The heat of the sunshine, was beginning to melt the snow and warm the air, which means the snow will not be around for long.
The birds were looking for food and were singing a merry tune. The sun must have really warmed their feathers. 
Monday has been a quiet day. No shopping delivery, that is coming tomorrow afternoon, which means all hands on deck for that, especially if it is still slippery underfoot. This coming week, apart from the food delivery, I am doing spelling with our grandson again, which will be an absolute delight. We will see what the week brings.
Until I post again. Stay safe and well and please look after one another.

Pop back soon xxx

Saturday 23 January 2021



Dear family, friends and followers.

Firstly. How are you all doing? I really am interested to hear how everyone is getting on in Lockdown Three or how others are coping across the world?. 

Keith and I are just going with the flow and getting on with it. We keep ourselves to ourselves and only venture out for exercise, well I go for a walk out of the Arm as you will know if you read my posts, Keith just walks up and down the pontoon, whilst his back is still getting better. I do collect and deliver parcels for everyone in the Arm, as I told you in my last posting. Thankfully no tights mishaps since. 

Many boaters are big on recycling and we are no different. We have bags which we collect, tins, glass, paper and plastic and at the moment being on our home mooring, we take our collection to Sainsbury's, just a couple of minutes walk up the road from us. But it seems from our local paper The Warwick Courier, we could be losing our recycle bins, because of the abuse that happens in and around them. I have witnessed the abuse for myself on a couple of occasions, when piles of rubbish has been dumped in front of the bins, leaving the Sainsbury staff having to clean it all up, which is really not right. When we are out cruising, we use the Biffa bins provided by the Canal and River Trust in the sanitary station compounds, but even these are open to abuse if they are not lockable. One such instance was at Marsworth Junction on the Grand Union Canal a few years ago now. I went to get rid of a bag of rubbish only to find the bins overflowing and rubbish strewn across the compound. When I checked the bins, some of them were filled with builders rubble and there was piles of dumped rubbish, such a mattresses, cupboards and even an animal carcass. I took photographs and immediately sent them to BW (Canal and River Trust) who were in charge at the time. I also rang them to tell them about the animal carcass. Within in the hour, BW were on the case. Biffa arrived later in the day to try and empty the bins. I was there to meet the driver and did my best to help him move the bins, but some of them were so heavy with rubble, we could not shift them. BW sent a team over to help clear the rubbish and to dispose of the animal carcass. What makes people think this sort of behaviour is acceptable? Even in the past few years, boating friends have posted photographs of the bin areas being full of rubbish. I spoke to a Biffa driver, who told me that if their carts cannot get close to the compounds they cannot take the rubbish and so have to drive away. They have arrived at bin areas, to find cars parked in the way, which means they cannot do their job. Sometimes bin areas are just overwhelmed, because of fly tipping, which is why all bin areas need to be lockable and then only boaters with the correct key can use it. 

Yesterday, Friday 22nd January, I had a fabulous day. I spent some of it working with our Grandson. Oscar is now 8 years old and is doing home schooling at the moment, because of Covid-19. Whilst he is very good with his lessons when at school, doing home schooling, has been a bit more of a struggle, because there are so many distractions. This is where Grandma and Grandad come in, because I suggested we may be able to help. We began with helping him with his spelling tests.
This weeks test was a lot tougher for an 8 year old, but with lots of practice Oscar got 10 out of the 11 right. After the spelling, he did maths with Grandad and then reading with me. It brings us both joy to help him with his home schooling and it gives Becky a chance to get some jobs done and time with Orion. I am not a maths person, so I am more than happy to let Keith do the maths. It was never my strong point at school. I remember having extra lessons, when it came to algebra, but I still failed miserably. I can of course do the easy stuff, but forget it when it comes to anything too difficult. I will stick to the spelling and reading. Oscar reads incredibly well and is an absolute credit to his parents. His teacher clearly thought he did a good job because he got the Gold Star of the week, long with one of his class mates. Proud does not come close to how we feel and it was proof to him that learning at home is well worth it.

Here we are another weekend and this morning, we woke to a frost and a few snow flakes. We had our usual cup of tea in bed. My early morning walk, took me to the Sainsbury recycling bins, because I needed to get rid of a few things and so this was my once a day exercise. Mask donned and hand sanitiser in my pocket, I set off for the bins. Thankfully the bins were not full and were tidy on my arrival. On returning to the boat, I stoked the fires and then made us our first coffee of the day. Having decided on Fish, Chips and Peas for lunch, I put the Fish and Chips in the oven and was waiting for it to cook, only to find we had run out of gas, part way through the cooking process. Thankfully we do have spare bottles, so I just needed to switch over to a new bottle, but this meant lunch was delayed. Whilst lunch cooked, I went down to the office with my trusty wheelbarrow and bought a new bottle. We like to keep at least one spare onboard when on the mooring and two when we are out cruising. It was funny because I did wonder why I could not spell fish cooking in the boat. I must check the oven more closely next time. The old gas bottle had done us well though, because we last changed it in September last year. With the cooker cooking on gas once again lunch was now back on track and there was the yummy smell of Fish and Chips cooking. Lunch was fabulous. We do not have chips that often, and so they make a nice change. Not even when we were able to eat out, did we have chips that often. I think for us they are more of a treat, as we try to watch our weight whilst in Lockdown. 
With the afternoon now in full flow, I topped up the bird feeders, because the birds have been very hungry this past few days. We have been getting a lot of Blue Tits and Great Tits coming to the feeders and Mr or Mrs Robin, who is incredibly bossy, when it comes to who they allow to eat from the feeders. The weather forecast, is snow later today and tomorrow, so we will see what we get. I would love lots of the white stuff, because it brings me a lot of joy. Yes I am a snow lover through and through. I of course realise it is not ideal if you have to travel in it, but as we are supposed to be staying at home, having some snow would be lovely. 

Pop back soon xxx

Wednesday 20 January 2021

Another Storm.


Dear family, friends and followers.

Well another day and another storm making its full-force known. Storm Christoph has been dumping plenty of water on us and therefore we have plenty below us. The water level has not gone up to far yet, but with more rain forecast for today and tomorrow, I suspect we will be sitting higher for a couple of days. If Storm Christoph is battering you, please stay safe. I got up this morning and made our first brew of the day and got a wet foot. We seem to have a leaky mushroom vent in the galley. I thought the other day there maybe a problem, so I put a bucket over the vent, but clearly water has gotten in somewhere. I am sure we will discover the cause and repairs will take place, once we get a dry day. I am a dab hand with sealant and then a paint brush to replace the missing paint. There is nothing I will not have a go at and of course I make sure I am doing it properly first. Thankfully I have a husband who is a Jack of all trades and has taught me well. Anyway wet foot dried off and brew made, I got back to bed and listened to the radio whilst enjoying my tea. I only allow myself three cups of tea a week, because of my Nickel allergy. Oh yes tea contains a lot of Nickel. Having enjoyed our first cuppa of the day, we were getting up, when I could hear a horn beeping three times. That meant only one thing. UPS was trying to deliver a parcel to someone. I have an arrangement with our local UPS driver. She beeps her horn three times and I will go running to the gate to collect it. One slight problem was I was only half dressed. Have you ever tried to put your tights on in a hurry? I can tell you it is almost impossible. I must have looked a right sight, by the time I reached the gate. Hair un-brushed and my cloths in a dishevelled state. If the lady noticed, she did not say a thing. I thank her, took the parcel for a neighbour and legged it back to the boat, so I could detangle myself. I messaged the neighbour, that I had her parcel and by the time she came and collected it, I was looking normal, what ever that is right now. Because it was very soggy out, boat chores were at a minimum. I stoked the fires and emptied the ash pans. Coffee was consumed and lunch was then on my list of things to think about, but not before messaging my daughter about the homeschooling spelling check with our Grandson. We were going to do it today, but because she had him on a roll with his French and Maths we are doing it Thursday instead. Our Grandson is only 8 years old and learning French already. I remember not starting French until I went to secondary school. Getting them learning early is definitely the way to go, he will be teaching me no doubt, when we talk tomorrow. Knowing I was not doing a spelling test today, meant I could work on the family tree some more.

Due to the heavy rain, it completely put me off from going outside for a walk, so instead I decided to go through some of the photographs I took at the cemetery. I am not being morbid, I think you can find out such a lot of history from reading headstones and then researching them, like I did with Joseph William Hilton. Researching him has kind of fueled my enthusiasm for knowing more about the people who lived in and around Warwick, where I actually have had relatives living down through the years and I am yet to go and find their headstones at another local cemetery. I even know their houses are still standing in Warwick and I will go into them more as I learn more. 

In the meantime, this headstone stood out.
As did this one, because they are next to each other. Looking at the headstones, there were similarities which got me wondering why. So yes I had to looking into them further. I turned my attention to the first headstone belonging to Archibald McMeekin Paton aged 26. Being a stand out name, I did not have any problem finding information on Archibald who was the son of John Sydney and Catherine Winifred Paton, of Tallangatta, Victoria, Australia. Service Number: 400734. Archibald was a flying officer with the 151 Squadron Royal Australian Air Force. At the time of his death on March 24th 1943 he was flying a Mosquito DZ257 out of 151 Squadron at RAF Wittering in Northamptonshire when returning to base his plane was possibly hit by flak and so they attempted to land, but crashed on the second time of asking. He was flying with his friend and colleague Ted Hanson who is buried next to him at Warwick. So this was their connection, they flew and died together and it is written that Ted's wife wanted them buried side by side, because they were such good friends. I found online this piece in the local paper.

Also searching the internet, I found a website for Aviation Safety, which cataloged the accident
Thomas Edward George Hanson who died alongside Archibald was born in Warwick in 1914 to Thomas and Caroline Hanson. Ted as he was known married Dorothy Muriel Bartlett in Warwick in 1936. They had one son Donald Edward born in 1937. He joined up and was a Flying Officer (Navigator/Wireless Operator), Service Number 128544. Having died in the same accident that Archibald did, Ted is also commemorated in All Saints Church, Emscote, Warwick.
Ted's flying certificate. He flew for the Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve 151 Squadron. 
Such a tragic loss of life, who were fighting for this country on a night flight. It has been a pleasure to research them both and to in a way know them a little bit better. Like Archibald he was so young at the age of 28 and still had a lot of living to do, like so many other young men who lost their lives in both Wars. 
The war graves in Warwick Cemetery are a stark reminder why wars never solve anything. 
Grandad Joseph and Grandmother Doris.
Research done for the day in the cemetery. I spent some time catching up with e-mails and doing more of my family tree. My Grandad is proving to be my main sticking point. Joseph Harris was born 10 Jan 1910 at 99 Dudley Road, Birmingham (Birmingham Workhouse Infirmary). His parents were William John George Harris and Rose Stanfield or Stamford. I am unsure why Rose had him in the workhouse, but it seems that they had fallen on hard times and that is why they had gone there. At the time of his birth, his father would have been about 48 yrs old and his mother 29, so quite a difference in age. This is where I wish I could see back into the past. I know Joseph married my Grandmother Doris May Owen in 1935 in Birmingham and they separated probably after the war. I can only recall ever meeting him once when I was about 10 years old, which makes me very sad. I believe he died in 1982 in a hospital for ex-service people. I am going to need to spend some money on certificates to find out more I think. I can honestly say I am hooked on doing my family history. 
After lunch, it was time to think about going for my once a day walk, as the rain was not coming down so hard and a drop of rain never hurt anyone. I only walked around the local common, but the fresh air did me good. It would be so easy to stay indoors.
The afternoon has walked slowing into the evening and right now I am watching 'The Bone Collector' before heading off to bed. 

Pop back soon xxx.

Tuesday 19 January 2021

A bit more digging.


Hi All.

I have been doing more digging into Joseph William Hilton, who was the master at Warwick Workhouse for 24 years, with the help of a friend Jules.

Jules found Josephs Death notice and his Obituary in The Royal Leamington Spa Courier and Warwickshire Standard. It read: HILTON on the 16th inst, after very severe suffering aged 61 years. Mr J W Hilton for the past twenty-four years master of the Union Workhouse, Warwick much respected. 

It seems he was a liked man, who cared for the inmates of the Workhouse to the best of his ability. His wife also worked at the workhouse.

This morning on my walk, I found the headstone of Joseph's wife Maria Keen Hilton. She died on the last Sunday of 1890. Also listed on her headstone was her brother Martin, who died aged 40. I can find very little about Mr Hilton, but there are articles on the workhouse.
I have an interest in workhouses, because my grandfather was born in Dudley Workhouse in 1910. Once this virus is over with and we can go into Birmingham, I hope to go and have a look in the Dudley archives, to see if I can find out more about his time in the workhouse and maybe learn more about his parents. 

Friday 15 January 2021

Such fun.

 Dear family, friends and followers.

How are we all doing?

I have to say, I am doing remarkably well considering we have been in lockdown since March and have barely left our mooring. But I know not everyone has been coping so well, so if that is you, I am sending you my love and hugs from a distance. Know that we will all hopefully come through this and be well on the other side. More and more people I know are catching or have caught the virus. Some have come through it with hardly any problems and others have been proper poorly. As yet we have not lost a friend to the virus thankfully.

Today was a day of fun, well at least a morning of fun. I had a teaching appointment with our Grandson on Zoom. Oh for the joys of technology and Zoom. Today's lesson was spelling. 

I had to read a sentence with the word, he had to spell in it and then say the word. In all he had eleven words to spell. Once we had completed the lesson, I then had to mark his spellings. I am pleased to say, he got all eleven right. After doing the spelling test, he went on to teach me about Pokemon and how you buy and swap cards and play games. It was all way over my head, but it was so lovely to see the excitement in his eyes and voice as he taught me something. We are going to do more lessons via Zoom and have a good old natter. he is growing up so fast and without Zoom, we would have missed so much.
After lunch, I went for my once a day exercise and to one of my favourite places. A cemetery may not be everyone's first choice for a walk, but this one is lovely and interesting.
I find you can learn a lot of history from a cemetery. Today I spotted this headstone. It was for a Joseph William Hilton. I then noticed he was the Master of the Warwick Union Workhouse.
I had not realised there was even a Workhouse in Warwick until I saw Mr Hilton's headstone. Having looked it up, I have found out it was opposite the Hospital in Lakin Road, which was then Union Road and was built in 1837 to 1839. To begin with it has 200 inmates as they were known and Joseph William Hilton as the Master was responsible to the Union and to the Poor Law Commissioners for the proper running and administration of the workhouse. He was also required to be "a friend and protector of the inmates". I can imagine it was probably a tough job and not well paid. I have not been able to find out anything about the man, but it was an interesting find in the cemetery. 
Warwick cemetery has a number of war graves together and scattered over the cemetery and I always pay my respects when passing. Enoch Powell is also buried in the cemetery. Walking around a cemetery is a history lesson in itself as well as exercise.
Charles William Sweeney Rank & Number: Private, 1644, joined the Royal Warwickshire Regiment on the 5th March 1893, aged 14 years and 5 months. He died on Sunday, February 04, 1917, in Warwick Infirmary. Researching the names, helps to bring them back to life and not just a name on a piece of stone. 

The rest of the afternoon was spent working on the family tree, which is growing and again interesting things keep coming out, which I will write about more when I have all the details in place.

Pop back soon xx

Monday 11 January 2021

The World is Closed.

 Dear family, friends and followers.

I trust that everyone is keeping safe and well at the moment?

A number of people I know are going through tough times right now and I am keeping them in my thoughts and prayers. 

My love goes out to Rita and family, because Rita's husband Scooby lost his long battle with Cancer at the beginning of January. Those in the boating family will know Rita and Scooby from their boat The Maple Knot. Scooby was a gentle giant, with a beautiful heart and soul and will be very sadly missed by all of us who knew and loved him. 

I also have friends fighting Covid-19 at the moment and I hope they make a good and speedy recovery. The hope that 2021 would be better than 2020, is not proving to be the case at the moment, but we must remain positive, because the vaccine is now being rolled out. I am always a pretty positive person and know we will come though this. Until we get vaccinated and the virus goes away, we must do as we are asked and keep safe and well. To do that we have to stay at home. I will do whatever it takes to keep us safe. Even after we have had the vaccine, we will be taking precautions, because the vaccine only helps soften the virus should be catch it a bit like the flu vaccine, which we have every year. It does not stop you catching it. PLEASE, PLEASE do the right thing and keep safe.

I thought I would share this poem with you, that was sent to me. 

It is very apt for the time that we are living in right now. 

Pop back soon xxx

Saturday 9 January 2021

Winter Calls.


Dear family, friends and followers.

Here we are in 2021 and in lockdown number 3. It feels a little like groundhog day, except for yesterday we have snow. A couple of days ago I put on my Facebook page "Those of us, who have not had any snow yet. Would you like some. Yes or No?". I got quite a few saying they would like snow. We were even wondering if we needed to do devise a snow dance. Someone was clearly listening to my request, because the following morning, having crept out from beneath the duvet, I looked out of the porthole and got very excited, so much so I punched the air and shout "yes". I know I am a 58 yr old woman and should know better. I am a child when it comes to snow. I would happily have feet of the white stuff in the Winter. If we could have enough to make a snowman, that would make my year. It always think of Jack Frost the movie. 

After a nice hot cuppa under the duvet, I had to don my Winter gear, because it was prescription collection day. Mask, Sanitising Gel, Hat, Gloves, Non-slip shoes (because I can slip over easily) all donned and I set off for Mellors the chemist in town. There were not many people about, due to the weather. All masked I entered Mellors, which have been brilliant with the way they have the shop set out and the rules. I always scan the Q code for track and trace and then waited my turn on the floor markings provided. It amazes me that people never check the floor for the markings and a woman came in and stood right behind me. I politely asked her to step back to the mark provided, which she did with a huff going on beneath her mask. I was not asking for the world, just for the rules to be adhered to. Anyway, it was my turn to collect Keith's medication for his back and to pick up a couple of other items, one being Piriton for me. I am still having skin issues and an allergy kicking off, but I cannot do anything else about it until I speak on the phone to the dermatology department at the hospital in February. I have been waiting since October, but I completely understand with the virus situation. I am happy to wait my turn, like everyone else. Having purchased my bits and bobs. I popped in Savers next door, because we need batteries for our toothbrushes and I was all out of clingfilm. Essential shopping all done, I legged it back home to the warmth of our boat, where I immediately washed my hands and then put the kettle on. All shopping was put to one side for 72 hours, before putting away. I am taking every precaution I can to keep us both safe. Some may think, I am over the top, but I do not care.

Once coffee was consumed and I felt toastie again. It was time to stoke the fires. The back cabin stove, had gone out overnight, so I re-lit it and then stoked up the saloon stove, which is going 24 hours a day 7 days a week at the moment. Before the cold weather set in, I insulated out water tap box and it most certainly paid off this morning, because whilst others tapes were frozen, ours was working just fine. Whilst the water tank filled, I went and emptied the toilet cassette and found that the Elsan room tap was also frozen, so reported that to the office. Maria very kindly came along and defrosted it for anyone wanting to use it after me. The water tank still filling, I filled up our two coal scuttles for the rest of the day. This would save me going out later in the day, when it may well be icy under foot. 11am and it was time to think about lunch. With it being a Friday, I felt fish should be on the menu, so I put some fish to cook in the oven and got on with doing other chores. 

By lunchtime, all boat chores had been completed and the only job which would need doing after lunch was the laundry. Fish, peas and mash potato for lunch with apple pie and custard for pudding consumed. I could of happily settled down for the afternoon with a good film, but things still had to be done and the laundry was one such thing. When I have a lot of washing, I use the on site laundry, but to do that it meant donning my mask again. The only person I met in the laundry was June, who was in and out in no time and who was also wearing a mask. The rest of Friday was spent onboard in the warm.

Saturday morning dawned and the snow had gone, but we had a frost, which kept everything white to start the weekend. Having stoked the stoves, had breakfast and put a brush through my hair, I filled up the bird feeders. More and more birds have been venturing to the feeders, because they are hungry in this cold weather. Free food is always welcome to birds when food is harder to come by in the Winter. Another much needed requirement for birds is water, so I always make sure the water dishes are defrosted or full. Even though it is Winter, birds still like to bathe and of course they need to drink.
Today is the 16th Anniversary of being together for my daughter Becky and Keith's son Oliver. Where has the time gone? It is also our eldest grandson's 8th Birthday. Oscar is growing up all too fast and it is a shame we cannot be there for his birthday. But a Zoom call will take place to see him cut his cake and to see what he got for his birthday. 
I have to say that, I have done very little to this point in the day. I have sat working on my laptop, whilst watching 'Born Free'. As we are closest to the car park gate, I am the collector of parcels. Once collected from the delivery drivers, I then deliver them to who ever is on the labels. It has become part of my daily exercise. I of course take precautions, by wearing a mask, washing my hands before and after deliveries and I keep my distance. Because our gates are locked no delivery company can get in, so if people are not waiting for deliveries because they have been notified they are coming, someone has to take them. Some delivery firms do not send notifications and when others do, they are not always on time. Our Hermes drivers now beep their horn 3 times, so we know they are out there and the Parcelforce man usually shouts down to the boat. We have got quite a system going. More often than not though folk are standing out waiting for a delivery, especially when it is a food delivery. In the Winter though, it is not nice having to stand out, but hey ho someone has to do it. Deliveries made for the day, it was back in the warm and the comfort of my chair.

I think my rambling has probably sent you to sleep, so I am off now for a coffee and will wait for my zoom call with the family.

Pop back soon xxx

Sunday 3 January 2021

A look back.


Dear family, friends and followers.

Well hello. Here we are in a brand new year, but same old problems with the bloomin virus. I guess the only real changes are we are out of the EU, the number on the end of the year has changed to a one and we are all in a different lockdown tier. 

What can I say about last year. It has certainly left me with differing emotions. There were definitely high moments, but also a lot of low moments, when I had to pull up my granny pants and get on with things. The virus has taught me that I can be quite content with my own company and that there are people out there who really do not give a damn about others. The year was sort of off to a good start, when we thought we were going cruising, but then it went down hill when the virus made us change our plans, when we had to turn around and come back to our mooring. We could of stayed out and coped, but felt we needed to feel safe on our home mooring, which has proved to be an absolute godsend. Not seeing family and friends has been difficult, but thank goodness for Zoom, Messenger and the mobile phone,  because we have been able to keep in touch. Can you imagine how it would have been when the only phone was on the corner of the street in a telephone box. The queue would have been a miles long to make a two minute call to speak to loved ones. We really do not realise how lucky we are with having mobile phones and the internet. For many they have kept them sane, throughout this whole thing. Like so many we have had lockdown birthdays, which was fine and I know I will probably have another this year. We would normally have gone out for a meal, but instead had a Thai takeaway and a bottle of wine. I think like many, I have put on a few pounds and you know I really do not care. There are far worse things going on around the world. I know once we are out and cruising again, I will work it off. I do however need to get more walking in. I have been going out for exercise, but I have felt uncomfortable being around other people, because they seem incapable of socially distancing. In many ways I have missed not being out cruising this year, but being safe on our mooring has been a blessing, because we can control what we do, we cannot control others. I am definitely looking forward to going boating and meeting up with all our friends, when this is back to some sort of normal, when ever that may be. 

2021 dawned and we were put into tier 4 from tier 3. It has not made any difference to us, because we have been in strict lockdown since March. 2020 saw me meet my brother for the first time in 36 yrs. I also got to meet his new wife. With deep sadness it also saw the death of my mum, who lost her battle with Cancer at the age of 82. She had a wonderful and amazing life and she is now at peace and free. I am thankful for my beautiful girls and their families, who we have zoomed with throughout the year. It has bought great joy to see them and our grandsons and I cannot wait for a hugs and cuddles, with two wonderful boys who are growing up so fast. Keith has been my rock, even though he has been really struggling with his back. I have been his nurse (without the uniform). We are so lucky to have each other and have not once felt the need to kill each other, throughout this lockdown, because we are soulmates and best friends as well as being married. I am very thankful for the people, who surround me with their love and for our mooring and garden, which has kept me busy. I think 2021 is going to be a difficult year and so I am not getting my hopes too high, in case they are dashed. I will just keep on plodding along and hope that we all come out of this in one piece. Roll on the vaccine and a bit of normality for us all. Until that time comes, stay safe and please do the right things, Hands, Face, Space.

Pop back soon xx


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