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Wednesday 27 April 2022

News at last.


Dear friends.

At long last, we have the answer to a mystery. As you will know, if you read my ramblings, Keith had a hernia repair operation towards the end of January. The hernia repair was a success, but four days after the operation, he was in constant pain. He was told he had Epididymitis (you can google it) and in all had five, yes five courses of antibiotics. Finally after the fourth lots of antibiotics, the hospital put in for an Ultrasound scan, which he had a couple of weeks ago. Yesterday, we got the answer to the pain. Keith has a 3mm cyst on his Epididymis. At the moment, the treatment is pain relief, so he is alternating between Ibuprofen and Paracetamol and we have to see how that goes. We have decided to go boating for a couple of months and get Hadar's bottom blacked. If on our return to our mooring at the beginning of July, Keith is still in pain, then he has been advised to see the GP again. We are going boating yayyyyyyy. As of this coming weekend, we will fingers crossed be out on the cut. Both of us are very much looking forward to travelling for a bit. The hope is we will do the Oxford and the Ashby, before going to get out boat blacked at the end of June up on the Leicester Line. It is going to seem very strange being out on the cut, after more than 2 years, but we have very itchy feet. Yes I know you can get cream for that. Only other boaters will know what I mean, we all get it, when we have been still for a while.
At the moment, we are getting the boat ready for the off and making sure we are stocked up with the things we need. I will post when I can once we are out.

Pop back soon xx

Wednesday 20 April 2022

Prospects are looking up.

Dear friends and family.

I trust that everyone had a lovely Easter weekend. Ours was quiet. I bought us both an egg and we sat on the boat or in the garden, enjoying the Spring sunshine. The weather, at the moment is rather beautiful, which makes us all want to get on and get jobs done. I have found it hard to get motivated, because of Keith being poorly. I have been going to the stables to help out twice a week.

There is always something to do, especially as some of the ponies are used for children's rides at Hatton Country World. Mia needed grooming for her afternoons work and the stables needed cleaning out. I absolutely love helping out and will continue to do so as long as they want me or until my body say's that is enough. 

Hugging a pony or a donkey, will always improve the mood. They like most animals give their love and trust unconditionally. 
I have good news of sorts. As you know if you follow my ramblings, Keith had a hernia repair operation and ever since the operation, he has been in pain. He was told it was something to do with his Epididymis. He has had Five, yes Five lots of antibiotics and no change. He has taken copious amounts of pain relief. Well Tuesday just gone, he went for a much needed Ultrasound Scan, to see if this could shed any light on the problem. I think we both hoped it would show something up, just to give us some sort of an answer, but it was not to be. The scan was clear and the radiologist did a thorough scan. He offered an opinion, that it could be down to post-operation trauma, which can take a while to settle down. Another thought, is perhaps a nerve was damaged during the hernia repair. Anyway, we have a phone call with a hospital doctor next week and we think the hospital will sign Keith off, because the hernia repair operation was a success. We are expecting her to say, to see how the pain goes and if it gets any worse to seek further medical advice. Our decision is, if the hospital sign him off, we are going cruising. We are going out for a couple of months to begin with and to get the boat blacked. We are both itching to go out and this may just be the tonic we both need. However if the doctor wants to run more tests we will have to stay put.
With the anticipation of perhaps going out. I have made a start on getting the boat ready.
Today, I made a start on the back cabin. I cleaned the walls down, washed the plates and rehung them. I then hung the Spring/Summer curtains and did a general tidy through. Whilst I was at it, I changed the bilge nappies and checked the gearbox oil all in preparation for maybe head out at the beginning of May. Fingers are of course tightly crossed.
I love our back cabin. It is my sanctuary. Whilst cleaning, I had a CD blaring and was singing and dancing away. It feels, like perhaps things are looking up and we can go out for a while. Of course, should we go out and Keith cannot cope, we will of course come back. But he is very much looking forward to heading off onto the Oxford Canal and the Ashby Canal, which we have not done for a while. 
I hope that you are keeping well and that life is treating you well.
Pop back soon xx


Saturday 9 April 2022

Still here in everyway.


Dear friends.

Yes, I am still here on our mooring and still online. I have had very little to write about and the bit I have had would only have sent you to sleep. It would have been more of the same rambling. Yes, Keith is still having on going investigations into his pain after his Hernia repair operation. He is just working his way through his 5th lot of antibiotics. I think we can safely say, he does not have any infection in his body after that lot, but he is still in pain. On the 19th April, he is having an Ultrasound scan. yes, like pregnant ladies have :-). I m sincerely hoping it shows up something, because otherwise I do not know where we go next. The one definite thing is, we are going no where until they sort this out. Something happened, when he had his Hernia repair operation and it has left him in pain. His Epididymis is not happy, but why? If we only knew :-(. The one bit of good news is his back is a lot better and he is finally back to doing exercise. So twice a day, we go out for a walk and he has started his weights again, because he has lost muscle tone in his arms. Oh the joys of getting older :-(.

In the meantime, I have been carrying on the good fight and getting things done around the boat and mooring. 

The garden is beginning to bloom. The bulbs are flowering and the weeds are still growing. 

I need to get out into the garden and attack the weeds before they take over. We seem to have a lot of Garlic Mustard this year and it can be a thug, so I need to get on top of that. The For-Get-Me-Knots are coming out in force and look fabulous. I do love those little flowers of joy. Having moved a lot of things around last year, it is going to be nice to see them flowering in their new positions. I will keep you posted on how well the garden blooms. I still have some plants to go out, once the frosts stop. On the weather front, hasn't it been behaving oddly? 
I am still helping out at the stables. There is always a lot to do, including unloading 75 bales of hay and 15 bales of straw from the supplier, which is a local farmer. My arm muscles are definitely working well. I may be getting old in the tooth, but I am keeping fit. Anyway, back to the stables. Horses are mucked out everyday and groomed. Hay nets are filled and food dished out and water buckets all filled. 
Easter is coming, so what shall we do? Oh I know, let's dress a Donkey up in an Easter Bonnet. He was such a good boy and yes we told him that all handsome Donkey's wear Easter Bonnet's. 
His reward for wearing the bonnet and having some training was a new set of tack all of his very own. He of course brayed with contentment and was happy to show it off to the camera. This darling boy, is such a joy. He always puts a smile on my face. This was only the second time he had worn a bridle and he took it with good grace. With all the hay and straw put away, Donkey sorted out, it was time to sweep the yard. A nicely swept yard is a must. 
I feel blessed to be able to help out at the stables. It brings me such joy and it helps the owners out. I know many would hate the cleaning out bit, but I actually enjoy mucking out and giving them all new, fresh bedding. 

See I told you there was not a lot of news. Until we get a diagnosis on Keith, we cannot go boating, which means we have missed the Easter gathering at Ellesmere Port. But I am trying to be hopeful for a May departure, because we have blacking as I said in my last post. 
I will keep you posted.

Pop back soon xx


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