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Hi I am Jo…wife, lover, best friend and soulmate to Keith. Lover of all things to do with nature and the canals. I am passionate about the Waterways and its history.

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Tuesday 30 April 2019

Day 52. Pastures Lock to Langley Mill.

Hello family, friends and followers.

We woke this morning to the roar of a train passing by and fog. We both slept incredibly well, which was no surprise having done the locks yesterday, which were challenging at times due to the weight of the gates. I definitely need to eat more Spinach or Weetabix. The gates are very much like the Grand Union Gates near us, but heavier.
We left our overnight mooring at 9.20am, I think much to annoyance of the fisherman, who had been fishing at the lock mouth with his camera going. After went went past him, he decided to pack up and move.
The Erewash has some lovely scenery and is very quiet. We only saw two boats on the move.
Head room at some of the bridges is limited, requiring us to take the engine exhaust off and the back cabin chimney. But other than that, there were no issues.
I made us some lunch on the move between locks and coffee was on tap, because I had the back cabin stove lit with the Copper kettle on the boil.
We got to the top of the Erewash Canal at 2pm and were met by our lovely friends Irene and Ian on FreeSpirit. They heard us coming, before they saw us. They very kindly helped us up through the top lock and we are now moored alongside them for a day or two.
Having moored up, we had a coffee and a good old catch-up with Irene and Ian. There is always plenty of things to natter and laugh about. It is so lovely at Langley Mill and we are looking forward to a good look around. Also up here is Reverie canal trading co, working on their butty Lyra. It was lovely to catch up with them both and we will see them again whilst we are here. Tonight we are eating out, which I know for a fact I deserve having worked the locks today. I will have muscles on muscles soon.

Pop back soon xx

Monday 29 April 2019

Day 51: Beeston and onto the Erewash Canal.

Hi family, friends and followers.

Having enjoyed a wonderful weekend at Beeston, it was time to say "Cheerio" and head back up the River Trent. But before we could do that, we needed to take on water and empty the cassette. Filling up with water was no problem.
Emptying the cassette was another matter. Someone has been putting things down the elsan which have to right to be there. This is now causing an issue not just for passing boaters, but also those who have long term moorings at Beeston. It is also going to cost a lot to put it right. I do so wish people would only put down the elsan what is meant to go down it. Nappies and Baby wipes go in the bin as do any other things that are not liquid.
Having at least filled up with water, we were on our way.
After the rain of the last couple of days, the River Trent had a definite flow on, but Hadar was loving it.
Come in No 4 your time is up.
There are some fabulous places along the River Trent, all of them with different characters.
One of the Dunkirk little ships getting a makeover. Lady Sylvia started life as the Sylvia in 1930. She was based in Ramsgate in 1940 when she was involved in the evacuation from Dunkirk. She survived strafing and being set on fire to make two successful trips to the beaches. Such a wonderful boat.
We arrived at Cranfleet Lock. Keith dropped me off on the pontoon, so I could work the lock, whilst he waited.
We turned onto the Erewash at 12.05pm. There was a small plastic cruiser in Trent lock, which asked if we wanted to join him, but the craft did not look in good condition, so we declined his offer. The worry with the weight of Hadar in the lock with his boat, and the surge of water pouring in, we could of crushed his boat.
Up through Trent lock and on our way.

One of a handful of house boats.
Sandiacre Lock.
We finished our cruising day by mooring below Pasture Lock having done 9.5 miles and 6 locks.

Pop back soon xx

Sunday 28 April 2019

Day 49 and 50: Beeston.

Hello family, friends and followers.

Were you hit hard by Storm Hannah?
The wind overnight on Friday night was really strong, followed by heavy rain, but we were safely moored up away from trees.
Saturday morning dawned and the rain was still falling and the wind was still blowing a hooley. Having lit the saloon on Friday evening, we woke to a toastie boat, even though the back cabin stove was out. Because we sleep in our back cabin, we do not like the stove going all night, unless it is absolutely freezing our noses off. Up and about just after 8am, I laid on breakfast and then got on with sorting the saloon stove out. Due to the weather it was a day for staying in and baking. I got on and made some muffins, followed by cooking a chicken casserole with dumplings. On days like this, we all need comfort food and dumplings is one of my all time favourite comfort foods, chocolate being the other one, but with no chocolate on board, the dumplings would have to suffice.
The rest of my day was taken up by making coffee, washing up, crocheting and finishing Sleeper's Castle by Barbara Erskine. Such a great read. I will be looking out for more books by her. The Lady of Hay has been recommended by a friend, so I will see if I can get that one. I am now about to start reading Once in a lifetime by Cathy Kelly, so I will let you know how that goes.
There has been very little boat movement today. I have only seen two boats go past us, one on tickover the other one on a mission it seemed.

Sunday dawned and what a difference a day makes. The sun was shining hooray. After getting up at 8am, having breakfast and sorting out the boat chores, we headed out to go and see the Beeston Heritage Centre, which was open for free as part of the BBC Radio Nottingham's Big Day Out.
A lovely place right by the lock at Beeston. The centre is well laid out.
In the well kept garden they even have their own Bees.
We had a nose around their shop and treated ourselves to a cup of tea in their cafe.
After a nice hour or so, we went home to the boat, where I cooked us a curry for lunch.
After lunch, we set off again and this time we walked around the Attenborough Nature Reserve. We walked over 8 miles and saw some wonderful wildlife, including watching Sand Martins going in and out of their nests, which are man made on the side of a hide. Sadly I did not get any photographs, because the windows of the hide were locked up whilst the birds are nesting.
I photographed this Great Crested Grebe, which had just come up from a dive.
We stopped and watched for ages a Heron fishing and were treated to seeing it catch a small Perch. Heron's are incredibly patient standing in cold water all that time to catch their food.
The reserve is an amazing place and well worth the visit. We did go there 6 years ago, but did not do the whole thing, so this time we made sure we walked the whole place.
Back home, it is feet up time and relax.

Pop back soon. xxx

Friday 26 April 2019

Day 48: Holme Lock to Beeston Heritage Centre.

Hi Family, friends and followers.

After the thunderstorms of yesterday, it was lovely to wake up this morning to sunshine pouring through our pigeon box. It was a tad chilly in the boat, so the back cabin stove was relit. I could not light the saloon stove, because the fire cement around the collar was cracked. So we would need to call into the chandlery in Nottingham to get some more cement, because the weather forecast for the next couple of days is not particularly favourable. Apparently we have storm Hannah coming our way.
We set off in the sunshine just after 9 am and it was actually warmer outside, than it was in the boat.
We had a pleasant cruise back up the Trent towards Nottingham and saw no other boats on the move apart from some rows out practicing. The river was very quiet.
We got to Meadow Lane Lock, which has the Nottingham Forest football ground opposite it. I stepped off the boat onto the pontoon lock mooring. This time there was no boat moored in the middle of it, so we could pull in properly.
Whilst Keith held the boat at the mooring, I walked up and set the lock, which was full.
After getting up through Meadow Lane Lock, we were back on the Beeston and Nottingham Canal, and heading towards Nottingham. Up through Castle Lock. We then pulled in and I nipped off to the chandlery to buy some more fire cement. Thankfully they had what I needed and in Black. I would be lighting the saloon stove later on. I do not feel the cold like Keith does these days. Last night we were cold and ended up going to bed early, because it was warm beneath the duvet.
Some 20 minutes after pulling in, we were on our way again and heading for Beeston.
We arrived at our destination, with the clouds piling in and the ominous look of rain on its way. I had hoped we could go and walk around the Attenborough Nature Reserve, but I do not hold out a lot of hope. No point getting soaked for nothing. We will stop here for the weekend. I have baking to do and the saloon stove to light later on. I have used the new fire cement and so the fire will be safe to fire up later.

Update: The saloon stove is lit and now we are boiling, but hey ho better hot than cold. We may need to open the doors :-)
We went for a stroll up to the lock and then to the chandlery.
The sky looked very menacing, so having been in the chandlery, we turned round and walked home to a toastie boat. I am now sitting with my feet up, coffee to hand and a good book. I am reading Sleepers Castle by Barbara Erskine and it is brilliant. I can totally recommend it.

Pop back soon xx

Thursday 25 April 2019

Days 46 and 47. Newark to Holme Lock

Hello family, friends and followers.

We had thought we would be staying in for a couple of days. But we realised that there was a Brazilian Circus setting up on the park by the boat. So we changed our plan. We got up and headed off to Aldi for a quick food shop, before heading off back from whence we came.
I got time on the tiller, which is always so exciting when on a river. With Hadar opened up, she was enjoying the deep water beneath her and so we made good headway.
Lunch was pasties on the move. That is the joy of having the back cabin stove going. Not only could I cook lunch, I had the kettle constantly on the boil.
It was back up through the five locks. The weather was warmish after a chilly start and the sun did pop out every now and again.
Hadar looks small in such big locks. 
We arrived back at Holme Lock late in the afternoon. Our evening was spent with our dear friends Jenny and David. They took us out to a local pub for a meal and before we knew it, it was 10.25pm. We had such a wonderful time with them.

Today (Thursday) dawned and we had no real plans. Jenny and David came over for a coffee and a natter, before they had to head off. 
After lunch, I thought it would be a great idea to go for a walk around the Water Sports Centre, so we could get some more photographs. We stepped off the boat to see a very angry sky, but we pressed on regardless. 
The sky got darker and the thunder and lightning began, followed by heavy rain and hailstones.
We took shelter under the cafe awning along with the canoeists who had to get out of the water due to the lightning. It was was one of the biggest and heaviest storms I have ever seen. It was truly amazing. Mother nature was really throwing everything at us.
The rest of the afternoon was spent back inside the boat out of two further storms. Now we must watch to see if the river comes up, because this could mean we will not move tomorrow.

Pop back soon xx

Tuesday 23 April 2019

Day 45: Holme Lock to Newark.

Hello Family, friends and followers.

Ok who was it?
Own up, who took the sunshine and heat away?
Blimey there was a drop in temperature today and it was a misty start as well.
Having said "Cheerio" to Jenny and David, we set off down the River Trent.
The river was so quiet. We only saw a handful of boats.
I do love being on the river. There is something magical about the width and depth of water on a river. The boat absolutely loves the river as well, because we can open her up and let her fly.
Another joy with rivers is the fact that the locks are maned, so all's I had to do was hold the centre rope around the chains in the lock to keep us steady against the lock wall.
We arrived in Newark.
Before mooring up, we winded the boat and then moored up opposite Newark Castle.
After sorting ourselves out, we set off for a stroll around Newark.
We wanted to visit two of the antique centres. The Newark Antiques Centre has been on Bargain Hunt and we have visited it before, but this time I came home with something on my wish list. I got myself an enamel washing bowl for the back cabin.
It is fabulous and has two floors packed with lovely things. We visited the second centre, but they did not have anything we wanted sadly.
I took this photograph from the castle walls. It is a lovely castle, which is in ruins, but still has an amazing history. We are unsure what we will do tomorrow. So watch this space.

Pop back soon xx


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