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Hi I am Jo…wife, lover, best friend and soulmate to Keith. Lover of all things to do with nature and the canals. I am passionate about the Waterways and its history.

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Thursday 30 June 2022

We are now home.


Hi everyone.

Just a quick update, because I have a lot to sort out. We have arrived back on our home mooring, after a couple of good days boating. Having been on our own yesterday and behind a pair of boats, it was nice today to have the company of Jane and Paul on Narrowboat Satinwood. They came past us this morning below Welsh Road Lock and asked if we would like to share with them, which was of course a no brainer, especially as Keith was still under the weather with his cold. 

We had a lovely time with them both and as luck would have it, they were heading to the Arm and a visitor mooring. I have lots of things to get done, so bare with me, whilst I work my way down the list of jobs to be done. First on the list is to get Keith well from this pesky cold which has left him with a very painful throat. I am now fine, well I have to be fine because otherwise nothing gets done.
I hope that you all have a wonderful weekend and I will post when I can.

Pop back soon x

Tuesday 28 June 2022

Heading Home.


Hi Everyone.

With our blacking slot cancelled due to Covid and a new hospital appointment for Keith, we are heading home to our mooring. 

Keith had a rough night and we had though of staying put, but by 10.45am, he said he was feeling much better and wanted to move, so we set off for Braunston Tunnel, where we met three boats coming in the other direction. The first of the three was going so slow, it was hardly moving, which is never a good thing when travelling through a tunnel. You need to keep to your normal cruising speed or perhaps that was their cruising speed, anyway it was way too slow, especially for those behind him.

After the tunnel, it was onward to the top lock at Braunston and we were blessed with boats coming up the flight, so every lock was with us.
We were soon down the flight and heading out of Braunston.
Turn left at Braunston Turn. Our boat should know the way by now.
It was still quite busy in Braunston after the Historic Boat Rally at the weekend. We and are now moored just before Napton junction at 2:40pm, 3hrs 55mins, 6 locks 1 tunnel. Both of us felt it was enough for the day. Hopefully, Keith will feel much better tomorrow and we will make further progress to getting home.

Pop back soon x

Monday 27 June 2022

Best Laid Plans.


Hi Everyone.

Well, we make plans and Nine times out of Ten they will fail and this is another occasion when the plan has gone wrong. Today we were supposed to have been in dry dock blacking our boats bottom, instead we are on our way home.

Why you ask?

Well, we arrived at Welford as you saw in my last post and we spoke to Les, who informed us that his wife had tested positive to Covid after a recent break away and he was hoping he was going to remain Covid free, so he could still black our boat. On the Friday morning, their son had also gone down with it, but he was still negative and had said as long as he stays well, we were still on for blacking. But then on Saturday afternoon, he came to see us to tell us, he had tested positive and was feeling rough, so was going home and our blacking was off. Not ideal, as she has now not been blacked for three years and we always like to do it every two, but with Covid restrictions, we could not do it last year. Anyway, it cannot be helped and we just hope that he and his family come through it okay, because they all have health issues. We stayed up the Welford Arm until this morning, when we set off in the rain at 9.05am. 

It rained until around 11.30am and then the sun tried to pop out, but it was soon raining again. I lit the back cabin stove, because it was so damp and miserable, but by the time we reached Crick, it was beginning to brighten up. 
Crick tunnel gave us the chance to try out our old tunnel lamp, which has been called back into action, when the new one failed miserable to provide the light we required. 
The tunnel lamp performed brilliantly and a much happier boatman.
By the time we got to Watford Locks, the sun was well and truly out. We had a few minutes wait to go down, because two boats were coming up. So I went and emptied the toilet cassette.
With help from the lock keepers we were soon down the flight and heading towards Norton Junction. 
We moored up at 4.25 pm just past Norton Junction. Tomorrow, we will head for Braunston Tunnel.

Pop back soon x

Thursday 23 June 2022

Market Harborough to Welford.


Hi Everyone.

We left Market Harborough yesterday (22nd June). It was going to be a very warm couple of hours boating, because at 9.15am the heat was already well up. 

We followed one of the Market Harborough day boats most of the way and were about to over take them, when Keith's phone rang. It was our boat blacker, calling to let us know his wife has Covid and he may not be able to black our boats hull after all. But he was still testing himself and he would let us know, what the decision will be. We are due into dry dock on the 27th June.

We got to Foxton, having caught the day boat back up again and they very kindly did the village swing bridge for me. I cannot tell you how happy I was, because it is not my favourite swing bridge at all. Anyway a couple of burly lads, soon had it open and closed. 
We moored at Foxton over night. I had a very restless night and was woken by something walking around on top of the boat. There was then a huge thump as it jumped down onto the back counter. It sounded to heavy for a cat, so we think it may have been a fox. 
This morning we left our mooring at 8.20am, with a view to heading up the locks.
Having checked in with the lock keeper, we had a 25 minute wait, as someone was on their way down, so I put the kettle on and made a cuppa.
Our turn to begin the climb.
The lady lock keeper did the white paddle and I did the Red one. Red before White you will be alright. White before Red you will be dead. Not literally, it is just a rhyme they use to make sure people do the paddles the correct way, otherwise you end up flooding the towpath.
Bye bye Foxton, see you again in two years time.
We have not heard anything from our boat blacker, so decided we would carry on and get up onto the Welford Arm.
Having moored up having done 4hrs 15mins of boating, 6 locks and1 tunnel, it was time for a bacon roll and await further information from the dry dock. 
Here is a treat for you, last nights sunset.

Pop back soon xx

Monday 20 June 2022

Foxton to Market Harborough.

Hi everyone. 

Well, after a few lovely days spent at Foxton we were on the move again. Over the few days we spent at Foxton, we caught up with friends at Bridge 61 and at the cafe at the top of the locks. After our morning walks we would end up at Bridge 61 for a cuppa and a natter. We also got to watch plenty of fun and games on the water, with boats coming and going.

You will always get a welcome, good food and drinks at Bridge 61.
For Father's Day, we went to The Black Horse Inn for a Sunday roast dinner and I have to say it was fabulous. It made a nice change from salad.
The past few nights we have had some amazing sunsets. They have been truly glorious. They have come with some Sahara dust as well it seems. We have also enjoyed some much needed rain.
This morning, I woke after an excellent nights sleep. 
We set off 9.10 am to wind the boat at the bottom of Foxton Locks. I kept the swing bridge open, whilst Keith winded the boat.
Boat winded, we were on our way to Market Harborough and yes, I had the second swing bridge to operate. Like so many others, I am not a fan of that bridge.
To be fair it was not to difficult to do this morning, but you do need to be pretty fit to move it. Everyone moans about that bridge.
At 11.25am we made it to Market Harborough and moored up. After some lunch, we headed down into the town with our rucksacks. The plan was to buy some paint for the back cabin, so we decided the rucksacks would be easier to use than taking the trolley. We went to Wilko's and picked up the paint I wanted and were on our way back to the boat, when a lady we had just walked past collapsed and began fitting. I gave my rucksack to Keith and my First Aid lessons came into action. Whilst I helped to keep the lady calm and comfortable a gentleman rang for an ambulance. The ladies partner was in the church and so when he came out, he got a bit of a shock seeing her lying on the floor being attended to. I had put her in the recovery position and put her jumper under her head to stop her hitting her head on the pavement. Another lady, came and helped me whilst we got some details from the ladies partner and within minutes the ambulance arrived. By the time the ambulance arrived, she was coming out of the seizure, but was very confused and scared. We left her with the ambulance team to assess and I hope that she is fine. I did my First Aid many years ago and have used what I was taught from time to time, but have not used it with someone having a seizure. You just never know when knowing something like that will come in handy. The main thing was to be calm and confident, which I was. Back on the boat, a much needed coffee was had and feet were put up. We are here for a couple of days, as we want to catch up with more friends.

Pop back soon xx


Wednesday 15 June 2022

Foxton to Market Harborough and Back.


Hi everyone.

It has been a glorious, but busy few days, hence I am in catch up mode for the blog. We spent a wonderful weekend at Foxton above the locks. We met up with a lot of old friends, but also made some new ones. Sunday evening we sat out with other boaters until 10.30pm nattering and having a good laugh, but it then got to chilly and bed was calling. Most of them were either vloggers or on Twitter. I like to pop in and out of vlogs, but for me to be come a vlogger, it would take up way too much time. So I will stick with what I know and can cope with. We had a brilliant time.

We had a feathered visitor. This dark chequred racing pigeon needed a rest and some water. She was wearing race rings and had more than likely stopped off on her way home. Unfortunately, I realised after she had taken her first drink, she had water dripping out of her chest. At first I thought it had run down her feathers, but on closer inspection it revealed she had hit a wire and so anything she drank just came out of the wound. I did try and catch her, but she was having none of it and after a rest, she flew off. I hope she made it home, but I fear she may have perished before flying home to her loft.
Monday morning, we set off down the Foxton Locks flight. We were the first boat going down and did it in just under an hour.
Having worked the two swing bridges, we were on our way to Market Harborough.
We moored at the Waterfront in Market Harborough wharf at 12:20pm, 3hrs 25mins, 10 locks. We spent a couple of nights in the basin and enjoyed being back in Market Harborough. We went and saw our friends at the Hfm radio station, had lunch in the Sugar Loaf, which belongs to Wetherspoons and did some shopping.
This morning we left the basin, having used the services area and headed back out to Foxton.
We had a pleasant pootle and are now moored before Foxton junction and Foxton locks at 11:40pm, 2hrs, no locks.

Pop back soon xx

Friday 10 June 2022

Having a fun time.


Hi All.

We left Braunston and had fun in the tunnel. A boat was completely on the wrong side of the tunnel and even though we were on tick over heading their way, we ended up having to push them on to their own side of the tunnel. We have had people not knowing the right side of the canal to be on, but never had the same thing in a tunnel. No damage was done and we both went on our way. 

We then turn on to the Leicester Line at Norton Junction and arrived at Watford Locks, where there was a queue, which gave me time to make some lunch and a cuppa. In all we waited for Three quarters of an hour, which was nothing at all really. 

Hadar's fore end got a really good wash in a couple of the locks going uphill. 
Three sets of gates have been replaced, but the ones in the flight, really need doing urgently. Not looking forward to going down in a few weeks, because if the lock keepers are not careful they will fill our back cabin with water. We will have to specify that they leave a locks distance between us and the next boat. 
Having done Crick tunnel, we passed Steve and Chris on AmyJo and Gary on Chugabug. After mooring up, we went and had a cuppa with Steve and Chris and had a wonderful catch up. Later in the afternoon, they came to us to see Hadarford.
Yesterday (Thursday), we headed off to the Welford Arm.
We moored in the Wharf and went to see Les about our blacking booking at the end of the month. Our evening was spent enjoying a meal in The Wharf Inn.
This morning (Friday), we left Welford and set off down the one lock. The gates really need changing, they have come to the end of their life. CRT have done running repairs, but that will not last long.
The one very obvious thing noticeable about the Leicester Line is the lack of maintenance of any sort. The veg pledge has definitely passed this canal by. Trees, over grown not just on the offside, but also on the towpath side. Towpaths are disappearing and being worn away. It was like this when we did the coal run up here until 2016. Clearly, someone is not putting in the effort to keep the vegetation under control. At bridge 'ole's bushes are blocking the line of sight and Willows are also in desperate need of a hair cut.
This one has a bridge 'ole behind it.
We entered Husbands Bosworth Tunnel, wondering what antics we would encounter today, but we did not meet a soul Phewwww.
Heading towards Foxton, this is what greeted us. It is a pathway put in along a crumbing towpath. I wonder how long this has been there and when will a proper repair be done. We did see some piling going on, but not enough to make a difference. The towpaths up here are definitely not safe to cycle along.
We are staying put for the weekend now.

Pop back soon xxx


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