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Thursday, 18 October 2018

Homeward Bound Part 3.

Hi Friends and Followers.

Last night we were treated to a fantastic sunset over Willington. There is always something so special about a magical sunset and with the red sky at night, came a glorious morning.
There was a chill in the air when I took Paddy out for his first walk of the day, but it was still stunning.
Once breakfast was eaten, I relit the back cabin stove, filled the Copper kettle and got the boat ready for the off at 8.40am. We seemed to be the only boat moving for sometime, so had the cut to ourselves in the early morning sunshine.
The Autumnal colours were evident again through Hopwas wood. There is something truly breath taking about Autumn and all it has to offer. Of course we all know we are on the downward spiral to Winter, so just make the most of the Autumn whilst you can.
First locks of the day were at Glascote.
We then cruised on past the Samuel Barlow at Alvecote and stopped at Grendon services to empty the loo and get rid of the rubbish. No water was needed, as we filled up yesterday and we should now be fine until we get home next week. Lunch was Bacon butties on the move. I love it when I can cook on the back cabin stove. When I am not cooking, then the kettle is always boiling.
We arrived at the bottom of the Atherstone flight at 1.40pm, so decided as it was still early we would carry on up the 11 locks. Joy of joy the locks were in our favour and when they were not, it was because a boat was coming down. We only had one lock against us, which has to be a first. We completed the flight in just under 2 hours.
We moored up at Hartshill at 4.30pm. I swept the saloon flue and then got on with doing us something for dinner. Paddy got a walk and his lunch, which was rather late, because he will not eat when we are on the move. He has his tea to eat later on when Keith has walked him. A fantastic days cruising. Now looking forward to a peaceful evening and an early night.

Pop back soon xx

Wednesday, 17 October 2018

Homeward Bound Part 2

Hiya friends and followers.

Following on from yesterday's post. I had one of those nights which drive me mad. I slept on and off. Paddy was on the move most of the night, which meant I lay awake listening to him rummaging around. I am not sure what he was up to. It may just have been he was restless. Anyway a disturbed night for me. On waking up after short nap, I made us a cuppa and then got the back cabin stove going. We left our mooring near the aqueduct at Rugeley at 9 am and headed to a mooring in Rugeley, where we could moor up and go food shopping. One space available, which was a result, because we fitted in it. 9.20 am we set off with trolleys in tow to walk to Aldi, where we picked up what we required. Back at the boat, I stowed the shopping away, whilst Keith got the boat on the move at 10.10 am. Food stowed away, I made us both a coffee.
We had a lovely start to the day with the weather warming up and the sun doing its very best to come out.
The Autumnal colours are really beautiful. I got on and cooked us some Bacon butties, as we headed for our first lock of the day.
We arrived at Woodend Lock to find there were three boats in front of us. One of the boats asked us to go ahead of them, which we thought was very kind. In no time at all we were all down through the lock and heading towards Fradley Locks.
We turned onto the Coventry Canal at Fradley Junction at 1.30pm. We took on water on one of the slowest taps on the system in my opinion.
All in all we had a fabulous days cruising, with a few boats on the move.
We are moored up for the night near to Whittington.

Pop back soon xxx

Tuesday, 16 October 2018

Homeward Bound.

Hello friends and followers.

It has been an amazing few days. We spent the weekend at a private party at our boat builders, with lots of wonderful people. There was a lot of chatter, laughter and fun, but all good things come to an end and now we are heading home.

Pop back soon xx

Thursday, 11 October 2018

Fungi and Acorn.

Hello friends and followers.

There are somethings you just have to smile about in the Autumn. I smile at the colours which brighten any Autumnal dull day. Today my heart was gladdened by the sight of Fungi.

The sight of a toad stall made my smile a mile wide. I always associate these with fairies. The colours are so beautiful.
More fungi.
No idea the name, but it was pretty.
Lots of fungi.
Such a delight to behold.
And finally the pretty Acorn.

Pop back soon xx

Tuesday, 9 October 2018

To Stafford and back.

Hi Friends and Followers.

Have you enjoyed a good Tuesday?

I have had a lovely day, which began with the usual cuppa in bed, whilst listening to the local radio station, which this time is BBC Radio Stoke. This radio station is great. It makes me giggle. They are doing 50 ways, in 50 days for Children In Need. They are given modes of transport, which they must find and travel in a forward motion to complete the task. They have done paddle boarding, segway, horse, milk float, lorry and all done with degrees of hilarity.
When I eventually got up and dressed, Paddy was still very much asleep in his bed. These days, we have to wake him up, to then get him out for his walk. The old boy is beginning to struggle, which makes us fear that the day is drawing closer when we will have to make a decision, which no pet owner wants to have to make. But we have always said, we will not allow him to suffer. Anyway once he was up and got his legs in order, we had a nice stroll along the towpath in the sunshine. The birds were singing, which always gladdens the heart somewhat. Back on board and Paddy enjoyed his breakfast, at the same time as we ate ours.
Today we were going into Stafford.
It had been a year since we had been into the town and we were both interested to see how well it was doing since last years visit, which was disappointing due to all the shops which were empty. We caught the 101 bus, Keith using his bus pass and I had to pay £6 for a day ticket. Having arrived in the town, it was all to apparent that there were even more shops closed down and some of them big name stores. The M&S was empty because they have moved into the new shopping area, as have New Look.
The new area is very well situated, but it has meant in the town there are large buildings empty. On the plus side a new Wetherspoons has opened and it looks like some independent shops have opened. But it is still in need of some inspiration. Hopefully if we visit again, possibly next year we will see a turn around, because Stafford is a lovely town. We had lunch in the new Wetherspoons, having had a cup of tea at the old Wetherspoons, which is in the old cinema and in fact they still show films there on a Wednesday evening. It is well worth a visit and it has to be my favourite Wetherspoons. Going back to the new Wetherspoons the Butlers Bell, we had 2 meals from the menu for £8.99. We both had the Beef cottage pie, which was really lovely. I however could not believe my eyes, when a young lady on the table opposite us, sat there brushing her hair, whilst everyone around her was eating their food. Even when her lunch arrived, she carried on. Goodness knows what her boyfriend thought, but he was to engrossed in his phone, I think to take notice. To me it was the height of rudeness and not particularly hygienic.
Where have peoples table manners gone?
Having covered every corner of Stafford, we headed home on the 101 bus, to find Paddy still snoozing in his bed.
So my day was a lovely one. I did not spend a lot of money, in fact I bought some sweets and that was my lot, because there was nothing I really needed. Keith on the other hand bought some more bits for his railway.
As the evening is drawing in, I have lit the stove to keep the chill off and I will be spending the rest of my evening reading Daughters of Courage by Margaret Dickinson. I absolutely love her books. I may even do some more crocheting. Oh and on the mention of crocheting, I posted two more blankets off to The Border Collie Trust.

Pop back soon xx

Monday, 8 October 2018

Totally Connected?

Hi Friends and Followers.

Today has been a lovely day. I spent the morning drinking coffee and chatting to my dear friend T. We last saw each other last year and so had plenty to catch up on. We met at Wetherspoons and that was where we stayed for the whole time, because there was just so much to talk about. Whilst nattering, I could not help but notice the amount of people who were in the pub and were all on their phones and not talking to their partner or friends, hence the cartoon at the beginning.
I do not have a smartphone.
Why you ask?
Why, because I cannot get on with them. I am not someone who wants to be on her phone all day. I do not want to be checking it every five seconds and then spend hours walking around with it in my hand and not taking any notice of what is going on around me. I do not want the internet on my phone. If I want to use the internet, I will go on my laptop. I do not want music on my phone or a camera, but it seems you get the lot these days.
A good few years ago, when we were doing the coal run from market Harborough to Crick, we called into an O2 shop in Market Harborough to have our yearly upgrade, which we were allowed because Keith used to work for BT. I asked the young lady if I could just have a phone.
She said "this is the selection we have".
I replied "No I just want a phone. I do not want a camera, internet or music on it"
The young lady looked at me like I was 90 years old.
She replied "Sorry Madam, we do not do phones like that".
I ended up with a sony walkman phone, because it was as basic as I was going to get. I did like it but never used the gadgets.
Since that time, I have bought myself a Doro, which had big keys and I absolutely love it. I do not have the internet on it. It does have a camera, but I do not use it. For me I like keys to press and none of this swiping.
I see to many people totally ignoring the people they are with when we eat out, because their phones are more important. I even see people crossing the road whilst texting or checking their phones. People are sadly addicted to their mobile phones. I am pleased to say I am not. Yes I have it turned on each day, but I only check it if a text message should come through or the phone rings. Other than that I never look at the thing. The battery could run out and I would never know, because I quite often forget to even take it out with me. My phone gets turned on in the morning and turned off at 8pm at night. If I want to do the internet, then I will come on my laptop. I do not want to be contactable 24 hours a day 7 days a week thank you. So NO I am not totally connected and that is the way I like it. I enjoy Facebook, Twitter and my Blog, but in my own time. I have people sending me messages and wondering why I do not answer for hours or even days later. I end up having to explain to them. I am not online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. I know some people will see that as me being strange, but that is just how I am. I will do what I want in my own time and when I see fit. I am not online to fit in with other people time schedules.
Sorry if this was a mini rant, but the internet whilst it can be a great tool for some many things, it has also taken over our lives, well not mine, but you know what I mean.

Am I wrong with my thinking?
Do I need to get with it?

Pop back soon xx

Sunday, 7 October 2018


Hiya friends and followers.

You will have to forgive me if my posts for the next few days are not scintillating or exciting, but I am having a few days of doing very little, or that is the hope anyway. We are staying put for a few days, which will give us the chance to catch-up with friends. Yesterday we walked into Stone, to see what if anything had changed and I can say things were different. The farmers market was on for starters. The farmers market was on as part of the food and drinks festival, which we had decided we would not be going to because it was £7 a ticket. But we did enjoy the farmers market which was along the high street and was bustling with folk. Shops have come and gone and the biggest one was the Co-op, which has left a big hole in the town, but it looks like it maybe soon filled by another well known store, but we will see. On the whole Stone is doing pretty well as far as shops being taken up. There is also a new M&S food hall on Westbridge Park. It was felt that this happening saw the Co-op go, but who knows. Anyway Stone still has a lot of charity shops, which of course makes me very happy. There seems to be independent shops appearing in the town, which is always nice to see.
On our way back to the boat, we popped into the boat yard where our boat was built to say "Hello" to Roger and the others that were there. Even one of the Steve's who helped build out boat was there. we had not seen him for years, so it was wonderful to catch-up with him. having drunk coffee and chatted it was 5pm and time to get home to feed his lordship (Paddy) and get ourselves something to eat.

Today (Sunday).
It has been a day of crochet and listening to the radio. I did walk into Stone to see where the post office had moved too, because it was located in the Co-op. It seems it is relocating to further down the town and will be open on the 15th October. But we will be gone by then, so I will go into Stafford to post my latest blankets to The Border Collie Trust.
I have made six so far, but I am sending off two for now. Back on board the boat it was time to cook lunch and I felt the need for bubble and squeak. I love it with brown sauce and this time we had it with pasties. The rest of my Sunday was taken up with crochet and reading. Resting is helping with my Sciatica, so that is of course a bonus and my tablets are helping with my Costochondritis. All in all I will be just fine after a few days of not doing locks or heavy lifting. I really have to get to grips with my boundaries. The problem is in my head I am still 18, but my body is telling me something else. Oh the joys of getting older.

Pop back soon xx

Friday, 5 October 2018

Hadar's birthplace.

Hello friends and followers.

It maybe October, but it is oh so mild. We had an incredibly quiet night at Ingestre and having taken my pain medication, I slept well. I did wake at around 6am, because Paddy was having a wander around the boat. I drifted back to sleep until just before 7am, when I got up and made a cup of tea, to find Paddy fast asleep in his bed. With his age, we think senility maybe taking hold, to add to his problems and that is why he is wandering around in the night or early hours. After a nice morning brew, we were up and Paddy got his morning walk along a quiet towpath. Due to his back legs going wonky, he cannot cock his leg for very long these days, so quite often ends up weeing as he walks, which is not ideal, because his legs get wet. I do however giggle at times at his behaviour. Oh the joy of getting older. I just hope I do not end up doing that when I reach his age :-)

Once I had lit the back cabin stove, checked the water level in the cooling, washed up, tidied up and made coffee, we set off for Hadar's birthplace.
First of the locks was Weston Lock. Once through there, I put a laundry wash on, which was done by the time we reached Sandon Lock. I always use a quick wash, when on the move.
This sign at Sandon Lock looks back to a bygone time. I think it needs a new logo.
There were plenty of boats on the move, which meant we were fortunate at the remaining locks. It is always so handy when you reach a lock and someone is just coming out of it, especially as I am suffering with my Sciatica, and Costochondritis, A few days rest and my tablet will see me good though. I am not one for sitting down and not doing things, so I will not let any of it beat me.
We arrived into Stone, knowing that the Food and Drinks Festival was going on, so we did not think we would get a mooring below Star Lock, but we were fortunate to find one mooring spare and so we grabbed it. We wanted to go food shopping, so having moored up, we got out the trollies and headed off to Morrison's to get a few supplies. Stone was busy with people heading for the festival, so we were walking away from the festival site and everyone else was walking to it. Morrison's was pretty quiet, which suited us.
Back at the boat, I did not bother putting the food away. I put the trollies in the galley and we moved the boat forward to the water point to top up with water. Once that was done, I got Star Lock ready and off we went again.
Lime Kiln Lock was the last lock of the day.
Hadar's birthplace and a place we call home when we are not in Warwick.
We are moored up for a few days of rest and relaxation, plus a lot of catching up to do with friends.

Pop back soon xxx

Thursday, 4 October 2018

Penkridge and beyond.

Hello Friends and Followers.

Penkridge overnight was very quiet, but it did not stop me waking up at stupid o'clock. I think my body clock is having a melt down at the moment and no idea why. There was I awake and that then meant Keith was also awake, so yes you guessed it, I made us a cuppa. Once I am awake then there is very little chance of me going back to sleep properly, so we got up early and decided we would walk into Penkridge to have a look around the Antiques and Collectors Fair, which opens at 9am. Before heading off for the fair. I walked his lordship Paddy, we all had our breakfast and then i got on with a few boat chores.
We walked down to the fair and although there were a few interesting stalls, there was nothing on them that we wanted. However I did go into one of the charity shops and buy a pair of curtains, which I will use to make a door curtain and some cushion covers for the saloon. This will not be done until we are back home on our mooring though. I bought a pair of 72" x 44" curtains for £4.99 and I absolutely love the material.
Back on the boat, we took the decision to move off, so having had a coffee, lit the back cabin stove and got the boat ready for the off, we headed for Filance Lock and beyond at 10.35am, which is late for us.
Usually you can find yourself in a queue at Penridge Lock, but it was ready for us when we got there.
The Autumn colours are enough to gladden the heart.
Time for a dip and a drink.
There was plenty of boats on the move. We reckon that we saw more boats on the move today, than we saw throughout the Summer cruise. We certainly knew we were getting close to the T&M.
It was fabulous to see Magda on Wea-Ry-Tired. We had not expected to see her and so we only had time for a quick natter.
We left the Staffs and Worcs canal and turned onto the Trent and Mersey canal at 3.30pm.
Hoo Mill Lock done and time to find a mooring.
Moored at Ingestre for the night. As I was about to start writing this posting, there was a call "Hello, is anyone there". It was Snooty Coot. It was lovely to have a catch-up with them, before they set off in the fading light.
See you maybe tomorrow.

Pop back soon xxx

Wednesday, 3 October 2018

Cross Green to Penkridge.

Hi Friends and followers.

Last night I slept like a log, after having done the Wolverhampton 21. I did however wake up early hours, because Paddy was on the wander. I have no idea what he was doing and I did not get up, because I thought he would end up going back to his bed eventually. The next thing I knew it was 6.30am and time for a brew. The radio went on and the kettle whistled, letting me know it was ready. Sat in bed drinking our cuppa. We listened to BBC WM and all the goings on in radio land. I am not a huge football fan, but I will sit and watch a match occasionally, or the world cup. This past couple of weeks we have been listening to BBC WM sport and the local matches. Last night it was Aston Villa v Preston and it ended in a three all draw, after Villa had been leading 2-0. Anyway on the sports report this morning, the talked about the result and to my annoyance they also announced that someone in the crowd threw a cabbage at Aston Villa's manager Steve Bruce. This was a so called fan. What is this country coming too, when people feel the need to throw missiles at football managers. Ok Aston Villa are not doing so well at the moment and Steve Bruce is coming infor all sorts of stick by the media, which I do not agree with. But to throw something at the man is disgraceful. I had a cooking apple thrown at me, whilst we were on the move and so I know how much it hurt when it hit me in the temple. I am thankful that the cabbage did not hit Mr Bruce. We get to listen to fans ringing in with all their advice and rants and honestly some of them sound like they are baying for blood. Real fans would support their team and manager no matter what and they should always back their side. I find it all very sad.
Up and about, Paddy got his first walk and then his breakfast. We left the overnight mooring at 8.20am, with a fine drizzle beginning to fall. The cloud was very low to begin with.
We had seen no boats on the move until we got to Gailey. I love the roundhouse there.
As we got closer to Penkridge we began to see more boats on the move, which was nice because it meant I could leave the locks ready for the oncoming boats.
Autumn colours are beginning to show themselves. The reds, golds, browns and bronzes are beautiful. We also saw a few squirrels, herons and a kingfisher. There is nothing nicer than watching the wildlife as it goes on with its day and it always puts a smile on my face.
We arrived in Penkridge at 11.40am and moored up near the Cross Keys Pub. After lunch, we walked into the village, as we wanted to go to the market. We came back with a tray of Por, Chilli and Garlic Sausages, a pair of Kays shoes from one of the charity shops and a toy car, which Keith wants the tyres off of for his railways layout.
Back home and a much needed coffee was made. The rest of the day is going to be about putting my feet up until dinner time.

Pop back soon xx

Tuesday, 2 October 2018

Wolverhampton to Cross Green.

Hi Friends and Followers.

We had a quietish night on the offside mooring until around 4.30am, when we were woken by jack hammers and pile driving going on. We know there is work going ahead at the railway station, so we reckon they were working early doors. We both had then a disturbed snooze, before me getting up to make a cuppa at 6.30am.
We left Wolverhampton at 8.30am and headed for the top of the 21 locks.
For the first 10 locks it was dry and warm.
At locks 6, C&RT were replacing the lock beams to the bottom gates. It did not hold us up, because they were doing one at a time, so boaters could get through without any hassle.
By the time we got to lock 10, the drizzle began to fall. It then turned into rain, which was doing its best to get me soaked. But once wet, what does it matter. We did not see another boat until we were in lock 17. Then two boats were coming up. I was thankful we were almost at the bottom.
We exited the last lock and turned onto the junction at 12.10pm.
We arrived at The Anchor Inn at 1.25pm and moored up, with the rain gone and a touch of blue sky appear overhead. I will now be drying out in front of the back cabin stove and resting my aching back. The locks are not difficult to do, but my sciatica decided it would put in an appearance towards the end. I know it will settle down again. Despite the weather, we have had a good run.

Pop back soon xx


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