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Saturday 31 March 2018

Day 10: Moving day.

Hello Friends and Followers.

Yesterday we left a rather misty Birmingham to head for the Black Country Living Museum.
We had a three hour cruise and decided to do Brades Locks, for a change. The trip was uneventful and we did not see another moving boat.
We arrived at the museum moorings at 11.30 am ish and whilst I sorted the boat out Keith went off and got us Fish and Chips for lunch.
The Racecourse Colliery was reopened today after having some restoration work done and to celebrate the Highley Colliery Brass Band were entertaining the crowds which was brilliant. I love to hear Colliery Bands.
Charlie had a busy day pulling the coal hopper. It was a brilliant day, with the weather being kind, although by the end of the day it had gotten colder.
As the afternoon wore on into the evening the rain began to fall and it did not stop. We went out for drinks with friends at The Fountain Inn. A lovely evening as had, but it was still raining when we left for home.
We had a brilliant day in all though.

Happy Easter one and all.

Pop back soon xxx

Absolute Disgrace.

Had to share this link, because it is mind blowing.


Wednesday 28 March 2018

Day 9: Up hill and down dale.

Hello Friends and Followers.

What a dismal start to the day. It was wet, wet, wet this morning and not even Paddy felt like going out, but needs must and all that.
The rain did begin to layoff and so we decided wet or not we were going out. After all there was little point sitting on the boat, when we could be out enjoying the city. Birmingham is in my family history as is the Black Country, so I do love coming here when we can.
Our first destination was to buy some brass strips from a company down the Farmers Locks. We were striding down the locks purposely even though the rain was getting harder and within no time at all we were in the shelter of the brass company, where we bought a couple of pieces of brass for the back cabin.
We then walked up into the city to have a nosey around Birmingham Cathedral, which we think we have been in before but could not remember. It is a stunning building outside and in.
I needed a Vision Express, because one of my lens as falling out of my glasses, so we made our way to the railways station where we found a shop and soon my glasses were fixed.

Keith and I then walked to the bullring and had lunch at our favourite Chinese Buffet The Big Wok.
After a lovely lunch the rain finally stopped and the sun did its best to put in an appearance.
We walked back past the newish library where there is a huge amount of building going on. By the time we got back to the boat we were pooped. In all we had walked about 8 miles.

Pop back soon xxx

Tuesday 27 March 2018

Day 8: The city centre.

Hello Friends and Followers.
A damp start to Tuesday, but the sun would put in an appearance for a while.
We walked into the city, as I wanted to get some fruit and cheese from the vibrant market. I do love Birmingham market and all it has to offer.
The city is going through something of a transformation, with lots of building work going on, which only enhance the city even more.
Having walked around the market, brought our purchases we walked back past Council Hall, where university students were celebrating having collected their degrees. One of my first jobs many years ago was to make the gowns that are used by students to collect their degrees. I used to cut them out and sew them together. I also made barrister and judges robes. So seeing these gowns bought a smile to my face.
We arrived back to the boat for lunch and the rain decided to fall once more.
I spent the afternoon finishing another book and I am now about to read 'A Mother's Sacrifice' by Kitty Neale. I am going through books like a dose of salts at the moment, which is nice, because when on our mooring I hardly read at all.

Pop back soon xx

Monday 26 March 2018

Day 7: Back to Brum.

Hello Friends and Followers.

Having had such a wonderful weekend at the BCLM, this morning it was time to wave goodbye to the museum for a week. Before setting off we moved over to the sanitary station to top up with water, get rid of rubbish and empty a cassette. The sun was shining and their was some warm to be felt from the big orange thing in the sky for a change.
We decided to go back to Brum via Smethwick Locks, which meant going under the M5 and all the works going on. It is scaffold city at the moment.
We had a slight problem with the top lock at Smethwick, having gone down through the lock we could not shut the gate behind us, quick call to C&RT to sort it out.
We are now moored at Sheepcote Street Bridge.

Sunday 25 March 2018

Day 6: More BCLM

Hello Friends and Followers.

Why is it when you move to another area and breathe different air you are so worn out?
That is exactly how I feel. We were both in bed again at 9.30pm last night. I could hardly keep my eyes open, so ws glad to rest my head on my pillow and drift off into a deep sleep, which was only disturbed by the heating pump going off.

For us it was Day 2 at the BCLM and we were so pleased to see the sunshine, because yesterday was rather cloudy and nippy. With the sunshine came the blue sky and Spring was well and truly here.
As you can see I was out with my camera again.
Keith spent time nattering to Dave and Tracy who work at the museum and have become friends.
I enjoyed spending time wandering around the site taking loads of photographs. I always find something new to snap away at.
The shop windows are interesting as well, to see items from the past.
During the day a group of photographers were about with people dressed up as if in 'Peaky Blinders'. Some of them were really convincing and actually quite menacing. If you know of the series, you may also know that some of the scenes are filmed at the BCLM. The program has introduced a whole new generation to the museum, which can only be a good thing. I on the other hand have now been introduced to the series because I have the first three series on DVD. It is at times not for the faint hearted due to the language and the violence, but I am still hooked on it. We also know some of the people in the series, because they also work at the museum. Funny thing is I am reading a new book, which I started this morning 'Family Betrayal' by Kitty Neale and it is about a similar thing to the Peaky Blinders, so I am going to enjoy the read.
Anyway Keith and I had another wonderful day at the museum. We will be off tomorrow back towards Birmingham. I want to go to the market and we have friends to see.

Pop back soon xx

Saturday 24 March 2018

Day 5: BCLM.

Hello Friends and Followers.

Having spent the late afternoon chatting in the museum, last night we treated ourselves to a Chinese Take Away from Chopsticks near the Museum. Bloomin heck our eyes were most definitely bigger than our bellies and unfortunately we could not finish our meal, which is very unlike us.
For the second night running we were in bed early, because we were totally pooped.

Going to be early means we wake early, but that is fine, because we can drink tea and natter for a while before getting up. Paddy began stirring, which meant it was time to get up and take him out. Now he is an old man he needs to go out more than usual.
After breakfast and the stoking of the saloon stove, I settled down with the latest book I am reading 'One Moment, One Morning' by Sarah Rayner. I am enjoying it so far. It certainly whiles away the time whilst we wait for 10 am to come and the Museum to open.
Over the years we have gotten to know some of the staff, so it is always nice to catch up with them and we also have a couple of friends there who have been starring in 'Peaky Blinders'.
We always enjoy the museum and all it has to offer and yes that did include a portion of fish and chips for lunch and some sweeties from the sweet shop, after all it would be rude not too.
We look forward to doing it all again tomorrow.

Pop back soon xx

Friday 23 March 2018

Day 4: BCLM Bound.

Hello Friends and Followers.

I had the most restful nights sleep. We were both in bed by 9.30pm due to being completely shattered. My head hit the pillow ans I did not know a thing until 6.30am, which was absolute bliss. Of course a cuppa was enjoyed in bed and we discussed the days plans, which were to get to the BCLM (Black Country Living Museum). Paddy got his walk along the towpaths of Birmingham and then he and Marmite enjoyed breakfast.
We left Birmingham at 8.25am with a spring in our step and a stiff breeze blowing in a nippy wind, which was capable of freezing the brass of monkeys at times.

Things were going so well we were pottling along merrily. until we got to Rylands Aqueduct on the Birmingham new line, Where there was a notice informing us the canal ahead was closed. It would have been more useful if the notice was at the Netherton Tunnel Branch junction so we didn't have to reverse back to it. We have since found out the stoppage is on till May. Yes I know we should have checked the stoppage list, but hey ho never mind. It was no big deal really. We winded and diverted by the Gower Branch, made a nice change though.
We went up Brades Locks for a change.
We are now moored at The Black Country Museum for the weekend. we are looking forward to catching up with friends and of course enjoying their fish and chips.

Pop Back Soon xxx

Thursday 22 March 2018

Day 3. A smelly affair.

Hiya Friends and Followers.

So here we are day 3 already and there is never a dull moment when it comes to us being out cruising.
Last night we spent the evening with our good friend Jacky. It was Curry in a box and a bottle of Wine night, which suited us just fine. After a fabulous evening, we went home and were soon off to bed, where I slept like a contented baby. I woke at 6.45 am, so there was only one thing for it and that was to make a cuppa. The first brew of the day should always be enjoyed in bed beneath a snuggly duvet. All good things have to come to an end and it was time to get up and moving. Paddy was on the shuffle and Marmite made an appearance to tell us she needed food. Before breakfast Paddy got his walk as always. His strolls get shorter and shorter these days. He does what is required and then wants to go home. All the usual morning stuff done, it was time to fire the old girl up (the engine) and head off up the cut, but not before we said "Cheerio" to Jacky. We will hopefully see her on our return journey, which is some months away. Hugs and "Goodbyes" done, we were in the top lock.
After the one lock of the day we wanted to stop at Swallow Cruisers. I got us through the first lift bridge and we were then moored up taking on diesel, whilst having a good old natter to the gentleman on duty and a couple of C&RT employees who had come to get diesel.
We took on 200 litres in all to top out 600 litre tanks up. At Swallow Cruisers it is 8- a litre at the moment. We said "Goodbye" and set off for lift bridge number 2. Having gone through there, I went down into the engine room and was struck by the pungent smell of diesel, which was extremely strong. I then noticed there was liquid in the bilge beneath the engine and that was the diesel. Somehow we had sprung a leak. There was nothing for it, but to stop and find out what the problem was. We took all the shelving out and low and behold the pipe to the diesel tank had come adrift. With a lot of pushing, prodding, huffing and puffing we managed to sort it all out. We then had the little matter of the diesel sloshing around in the bilge. There was nothing for it, but to get it out, so there I was with a bucket and a beaker emptying the bilge of as much diesel as possible. In all we lost about 30 litres, which is disappointing, but it could have been worse. because there was still some diesel moving around, I put down some disposable nappies to soak it all up. Those were removed later on, because they were soaked with diesel.
Caroline and Ray passed us as we were sorting the diesel out, but we caught them up at the Shirley lift bridge.
Caroline very kindly did the bridge for us and we were soon on our way again.
King Norton Junction beckoned.
After a smelly and long day we finally arrived in Birmingham at 5.25pm and moored up. A much needed shower was required, but I have a feeling I will be smelling of diesel for quite some time.

Pop back soon xx

Wednesday 21 March 2018

Day 2.

Hello Friends and Followers.

Day 2 of our cruising adventure 2018. I slept like a log last night, waking up at 5.45am and the birds singing. But before I go on about today. Last night was something special. I took his Lordship (Paddy) out for last wees and as we strolled along the towpath in the dark, a blood curdling sound echoed across the field. I was listening to Foxes calling from four different directions I determined. It was the call of the wild and I just had to stand and listen with a huge smile on my face. Not that anyone could see me smiling because it was dark.

Ok back on track. Being awake early was not a bad thing because I got to see the sunrise .
We had a severe frost overnight, so there was a bit of cat ice on the cut. It was absolutely beautiful. Moored behind us was Caroline and Ray who we had done the Hatton Flight with yesterday, they would be probably setting off after us.
We left the mooring at 8.15am and set off for Kingswood Junction and the Lapworth Flight of locks.
I work the locks up front and Keith closes them behind the boat, so I am always ahead of the game.
I made us coffee and put sausage rolls in the back cabin stove to heat through. It is nice to have something when working locks. Doing the flight today was a joy in the Spring sunshine.
We arrived at our mooring for the day at 11.30 am. We are now moored below the top lock at Lapworth, where we will be visiting a friend.

Pop back soon xx

Tuesday 20 March 2018

We are off.

Hello Dear Friends and Followers.
We said "Cheerio" to our mooring this morning and headed off into the wide blue yonder, or rather up the Hatton Flight.
We were joined by Caroline and Ray on Tranquil Dayz, just like we did last year. It was a joy to spend time in their company. We breasted the boats together, which meant Ray could go ahead and set the locks and Caroline and I shut the locks up behind.
We stopped part way up the flight for a coffee and cake break, to refuel. I must be getting old or I am unfit, because by the time we got halfway I was pooped. Anyway we made it all the way to the top in 2 hours and 45 minutes, which is what we did it in last year, so maybe that is why I felt pooped.
At the top we had a soup lunch with Caroline and Ray on their boat.
Tonight's mooring is at Rowington.

Pop Back Soon xxx


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