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Saturday 22 June 2019

Days 103 and 104. Braunston here we come.

Hello family, friends and followers.

Yesterday we left Crick, heading off through the tunnel, where there was a Bat flying around in the mouth of the tunnel. The boat in front of us must have disturbed it. Lots of boats heading to the top of Watford locks it seemed.
Arrived at the top lock at Watford and topped up with water, emptied the cassette and got rid of rubbish, so we do not have to bother at Braunston. There were five boats waiting to go down the flight and we were second in the queue. NB Destiny went off in front.
The volunteer lock keepers were on hand to see everyone through, with the greatest of ease. With the 7 locks done, we headed for Norton Junction and turned right heading for Braunston Tunnel.
We met a couple of boats in the tunnel and had a boat in front of us and one behind. But all in all it was uneventful.
We moored up at 12.20 pm, had lunch and then went for a walk to find our friends Ruth and Richard on Mountbatten and Jellicoe, who are booked in for the Braunston Rally on the 29th and 30th June.
By the time we had nattered and laughed, it was getting late, so we trudged back up the hill to the boat. With the idea that we would stay put for the Rally. But then came the news that we could breast up with Ruth and Richard for the Rally, so we would be heading off again in the morning.

Saturday boating for us is not something we usually do, but this morning we had a mooring to get too and so once the locks were opened at 9 am, we joined John and Nev on NB Destiny to descend the flight. We seem to keep meeting up with them and they were an absolute joy to share with.
There were a lot of antics going on with the boats coming up the locks, which made us all giggle.
Once we had finished the flight, we said "Goodbye" and "Thank you" to Nev and John for their wonderful company.
There are a few boats already here for the Rally and more will arrive over the next few days.
W3e moored up in front of Ruth and Richard and will breast up with them, as other boats arrive.

Pop back soon xx

Thursday 20 June 2019

Days 101 and 102. Let's turn left.

Hello family, friends and followers.

Having left the festival, we cruised to Welford Junction, where we met up with Ruth and Richard, whilst they stopped for a Bacon and Egg sandwich.
They left us at the junction and carried on to Crick. We decided to head into Welford on Wednesday morning and spent the night there, before this morning heading off again.
We said "goodbye" to Welford at 12.15 pm for this year and set off in the sunshine, although there was a nip in the air. It maybe June, but it does not feel like it yet. At Welford Junction instead of going straight on to Foxton, we turned left and headed towards Crick.
The fields are beginning to change colour. This was a field of Wheat. It is amazing to think in not to many weeks the farmers will be harvesting. I am wondering just where this year has gone already, as we begin our journey homeward.
Approaching Crick we joined the back of a convoy.
We arrived in Crick at 4.25 pm and moored up. It has been four years since we have stopped here, but nothing has changed. Tomorrow we will be off again.

Pop back soon xx

Tuesday 18 June 2019

Day 100: on the move again.

Hello family, friends and followers.

What an fantastic time we have had this past few days. We spent Thursday and Friday helping set up the site for the Foxton Locks Festival.
Marques going up.
Toilets arriving.
Fun Fair and stalls were settling in over the two days. Unfortunately the weather did its best to try and scupper the festival. But we were all made of stern stuff and we got on with it. At times the place was like a bog, but the 4X4 boys helped with pulling people in and out of the site. I did a stint on the camping site on the Friday and it was wet and more wet. But I did not have anyone get stuck and everyone was in good spirits.
Saturday was the beginning of a new and wonderful period in our lives, because we had family come to see us. We have not seen them for fourteen and nineteen years, so it was very special. We also got to meet our grandson's for the first time, which was amazing. I have always dreamt of seeing my girls again and my dream came true. Becky my middle daughter and Keith's son Oliver live together and they have Oscar 6 and Orion 10 months and Stephanie my youngest daughter came with Daniel her partner. Such a wonderful weekend was had, finished off with a meal at the Foxton Locks Inn for Fathers Day. It was Keith's first proper Fathers Day in 35 years. I was sad to see them go home on Sunday afternoon, after we had such a special time together, but we are planning many more visits.
This morning we set off from Foxton after yesterday helping to take down the festival site.
We are moored up at Welford Junction now.

Pop back soon xxxx.
PS. I have not posted family photographs for privacy reasons.

Wednesday 12 June 2019

Day 94: It is all happening.

Hiya family, friends and followers.

It has been a day of dry weather for a while and boats arriving.
The morning began with low cloud drizzle, but soon the skies were brighter and it actually felt warmer.
Friends Jimmy and Jenny, came past heading back to their mooring in Market Harborough, but had a bit of a wait to go down the locks, so we had a good old natter. Down at the bottom a boat had broken down, whilst trying to come up the locks, with two boats behind it, so they had to reverse them all down through the locks, so they could allow others to use the flight. Whilst we were chatting Michael on the Cheese Boat came up in front of them to take on water, before he reversed their boat into it festival position.
I had a crochet visit with Geraldine on the Cheese Boat, to teacher her a new stitch. She wanted to learn the stitches I am using for the Collie blankets. Whilst we did all things crochet, Keith and Michael were in the railway room talking trains.
Ruth and Richard Chamberlain arrived on Mountbatten and Jellicoe, winded and moored on their festival mooring.
By mid-afternoon a lot of the trade boats for the weekend were moored up on our side of bridge 60. Others who are moored on the other side of the bridge will be arriving tomorrow. At 2.30 pm, we went and waited for our Tesco delivery. He arrived at 3.15 pm, which was well within his time remit. Such a lovely man, who was telling us about his daughter getting married this Saturday and how much the wedding was costing. He showed us a photograph of her wedding dress. It is an Indian wedding and the dress is amazing in Red and Gold. My eyes watered with the cost of it and the wedding, but he is one very proud father and we wished him well for the special day before he left us.
You may have noticed that it is raining in the photograph and that is because come late afternoon the rain began to fall again, but hey ho we are all happy and that is the main thing.
Tomorrow we will be off volunteering. We are helping to set the site up. it is looking fair to middling for the weather tomorrow.

Pop back soon xx

Tuesday 11 June 2019

Days 92 and 93: Waiting.

Hiya family, friends and followers.

Over the next few days I may be a little boring with my posts, or I may not post at all, because we are sat on a mooring waiting to help with the putting up of the festival site. The worry is the rain will cause issues, but we will be keeping our fingers tightly crossed in more ways than one, that the weather improves and the festival goes ahead. As of yet all is going forward, because the boat names were put out, so everyone knows where they are mooring for the weekend. Today we have moved forward by about three foot, to allow for the harbourmasters boat to fit in. We must not upset the harbourmaster :-), who is a lovely chap.
Anyway this past couple of days have been spent catching up with folk we know. Yesterday we spent a couple of hours with Geraldine and Michael on the Cheese Boat. It has been at least 4 years since we saw them last, so you can imagine how much we had to catch up on.  Then Ray and Caroline arrived on Tranquil Days. They moor in the Arm over the Winter, so we last saw them in March, but there was still things to talk about. During the afternoon, we enjoyed cake and a cuppa in the Foxton Locks Museum as they celebrated their 50th Birthday. All in all a quiet relaxing day amongst friends.
Last night was stormy to say the least. We had lots of the wet stuff, which we definitely need and the wind was blowing a hooley all night. We did not rock and roll much, because we were moored up securely and we were also not under any trees to worry about, but I still had a disturbed sleep. I went off alright, but then woke up listening to the Sheep in the field next to us going ballistic. I was thinking all sorts of things, like perhaps there was Sheep napping going on or they had escaped. I think it was more the fact they did not enjoy the heavy rain or wind, because the field still had Sheep in it this morning. But these days you just never know. Anyway after a disturbed night, we were up at 8 am and the rain was still falling. The wind was still strong, but I wanted to get a laundry wash done, so I filled up my granny trolley and wandered down to the laundrette and did a wash. I was first down there, so did not have long to wait. I got myself a cuppa and sat in the dry, whilst the washing did its thing. The walk back up the locks was done in the dry. Once back on the boat the washing was hung up in the back cabin and engine room. During the afternoon, we had visitors to see the railway. Keith is always very proud to show off his creation to friends.
As Tuesday draws to a close, I am on to blanket number Fourteen for the Collies. With the weather still all over the place, I may get it finished by the end of the week, although we do have to get out and help with the festival site on Thursday and Friday.
Four more days to go.
If I do not post, I am busy.

Pop back soon xxx

Sunday 9 June 2019

Days 90 and 91: Flaming June.

Hello family, friends and followers.

Yesterday Saturday day 90 was somewhat of a washout for most of the day. I lit the stove and concentrated on my crochet and cooking until late afternoon, when the sun did actually put in an appearance. The rain was so welcome for us, but not for the Market Harborough Carnival, because due to the weather it was cancelled, which was incredibly sad for all concerned. The wind was blowing a hooley at times, so we could understand their decision. Apparently on the carnival field they lost three tents, so could not carry on. Anyway they decided to have a bit of a do on the Sunday instead, but no procession through the town. With the heavy rain during the morning, we discovered our Bullseye was leaking, so I covered it over with a plastic Roses box for now. I need to remove the sealant, and renew it all, but can only do that once we get home. With the sun coming out, we donned our coats and went for a walk down the locks. I get cabin fever if I am stuck inside for to long. I like to be doing something and outside. It was so lovely, we met up with Terry who used to be a lock keeper at Watford Locks, but is now retired. We had a good old chinwag with him and did a lot of catching up. Once back home, we spent the evening snuggled up on the boat.
This morning (Sunday), the sun was out and the wind was calm, so I got on with polishing the side of the boat, I had not had a chance to get done. We then we for a stroll to see who was about and to stretch our legs. I also got the chance to go out with my camera.
The weather for the next three days is apparently wet, so this afternoon we moved to junction of the inclined plane arm and winded, reversed back to top up with water, then took up our designated mooring for the Foxton Locks Festival, lock side of Bridge 60 100 yds no locks. Now looking forward to volunteering with the setting up for the festival.

Pop back soon xxx

Friday 7 June 2019

Day 89: Fire is lit.

Hello family, friends and followers.

Ok now we all know we need months of rain to fill up the reservoirs, canals and rivers, but did you have to take the warmth away at the same time?

This morning we had a somewhat leisurely lay in bed with a cup of tea. After the last three days of being in dry dock, it felt like we should relax and chill. Up at 8 am with the weather dry, but a little nippy. To warm the cabin, I got on with baking a fruit cake and a Cheese, Onion and Broccoli quiche. Trouble was the heat from the cooker did not warm the cabin up enough, so yes I know it is June, but I have lit the saloon stove. There is something so comforting about seeing the glow from the stove and feeling its warmth spreading along the cabin. I know we will pay for it later, because we will be opening the doors, due to being too hot, but hey ho needs must and all that.
The weather after lunch took a turn to the wet side, which is of course very much needed and I am not going to sit here and say I hate the rain, because without it no one on boats will be going anywhere during the Summer, if we do not get some substantial water. There are already some restrictions up here, with the locks not opening until 10 am and closing at 4 pm. So there will be no moans from me about it raining. Of course I would like to think we could have good weather for the 15th and 16th June, so the Foxton Locks Festival is not a washout. I do want some warmth back though, if that could be arranged.
I always think it would be wonderful if you could switched the rain on at night and then turn it off during the daytime, but that would only happen in a perfect world.
Due to the weather, I have spent the day cleaning inside the boat and sorting things out. The baking was a bonus, and I fancied a quiche for lunch. We were also out of cake. I have also done a bit more crocheting on blanket number Thirteen.

Pop back soon xxx

Thursday 6 June 2019

Day 88. Busy blacking our bottom.

Hello Family, friend and followers.

I have been in the dead zone as far as the internet and phone signal is concerned. Our boat has been in dry dock being blacked.
For the first time in 12 years, we did not do the blacking ourselves. We let Les at Welford Marina do the work this time. I for one cannot do the work now due to health issues, so we decided that we would not put my body through it. It did however give me a chance to get other paintwork done.
I painted the gunwales, tunnel bands and forend. It also gave me a chance to spend more time over other jobs inside the boat. We have always taken great pride in blacking our own boat, but sometimes you just have to step back and let someone else do it. My Costochondritis and Hernia say no, and so I must obey and not kill myself.
Last night at The Wharf Inn, we went to watch the Mikron Theatre Group perform 'All Hand on Deck'. It was absolutely brilliant and a good time was had by all.
There was a packed house for an entertaining and at time very funny play. Well worth seeing if you get the chance.
This morning Les came in full of a cold to let us out of dry dock. He was going to let us out and then go home to bed and I cannot say I blame him.
Once out of the dock, we pulled over to the sanitary station to do our usual boating bits.
We then set off for Foxton.
Through Husbands Bosworth Tunnel. Time to remove some of the new blacking :-)
After a pleasant cruise we arrived at Foxton at 2.10pm and moored up near bridge 60 for a few days.

Pop back soon xx

Saturday 1 June 2019

Days 82 and 83. Almost done.

Hello Family, friends and followers.

We are still moored at Welford Junction on the Leicester Line of the Grand Union. I have continued with my painting.
The roof is done and I have been painting the hatches today. I am hoping that tomorrow will see all this rounds of paintwork done. The next lot will begin when we go into dry dock on Monday.
With it being a beautiful day today (Saturday). There has been plenty of comings and goings with boats. Some of them were entertaining to say the least and I really feel like I am going to start a fender poll. So many boats have there rear fenders dragging in the water, which is not the done thing. Either the owners do not realise they have fender droop or they cannot be bothered to sort it out. The junction has been also a source of entertainment, with boats doing a kind of boat dance to avoid each other. There have been boats coming in and out of the junction to fast, so getting themselves into all sorts of issues, including visiting the reeds on several occasions. We have heard every variety of horn being blown today as well. It beats watching TV.
Anyway let the fun begin again tomorrow I say.
We have been blessed everyday by the visit of a couple of Red Kite's, Buzzards and I saw a Water Vole. Also flying are the planes and gliders out of Husbands Bosworth. It has been a truly wonderful few days here.

Pop back soon xx


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