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Tuesday 17 May 2011


Hi Folks.

Well what an evening. There we were watching something on TV when my phone went loopy, the texts were coming in thick and fast and all had one subject. "The Golden Age of the Canals" on BBC4. Friends were texting to say they had seen us on the TV.

I was like "What"?

We had been told it would be broadcast in the Autumn, and no one had rung me to say otherwise. Now we could only get Channels 1,2,4, and 5, so no hope of seeing it on the TV, but thank goodness for the internet, because we had a 3G signal, so were able to see it on the BBC iplayer. When the crew filmed us they spent almost two days with us, filming us loading, cruising and delivering coal to customers, we also did interviews as well, so not sure if those bits hit the cutting room floor or are being saved for another documentary. Anyway it was nice to see some of what we did was shown, coal dust and all. The bit where we were loading was in Market Harborough, and we were not even part of the program. But the producer saw what we were doing and asked if he could film us, the rest is now history. The producer and crew were lovely and made us feel quite at ease. It was a pleasure to do. Having watched the program and answered my texts, it was time for bed.

After a fabulous nights sleep. Keith and I found ourselves awake early and drinking the first cuppa of the day.Because we only planned on only travelling a short distance into Rugby we had A late start. We left our mooring and immediately came across some British Waterways guys doing some piling. As shout came from the boat.
"We saw you on the TV last night and you do not get any better looking on TV". Of course this made us all laugh.
It was George, who we know from the Foxton crew. He was born on the boats. We shared some banter with the guys before letting them get on with their work.
After a short run to Master's Bridge, we found a moorings, which is never an easy thing to do at rugby. We walked into Rugby town centre, the home of Rugby Football, we haven't been here before, so had a look around. The game of rugby apparently began on the Close at the Rugby School in 1823 when William Webb Ellis first took the ball in his arm and ran with it. You can visit the Rugby Museum to find out all about Rugby's history.
We walked up to the Rugby School and oppsss I walked all over Martin Johnson. I suspect millions have done the same before me. I should have bought my Brasso with me. We did some much needed shopping, and had a lovely lunch in the Royal Thai Cuisine restaurant. One of the items we bought was a travel kettle. Keith recently had this brainwave to save using gas to boil a kettle, especially on the move. A travel kettle boils enough water for 2 mugs, and it is very low power, so the invertor can cope with it quite nicely. We also bought some enamalware plates and bowls from Poundland for £1 each an absolute bargain, because when we looked in Milletts, they wanted £3.79 for a plate. Good old Poundland.
There are some lovely buildings in Rugby if you look up.
Having done our shopping and nosing around, we walked back through the park, which hosted a 'Party in the Park' for the Royal Wedding. It was surprising how quiet it was considering it is so close to the town.
I was really impressed with Rugby, even with the walk across waste land, which is being turned into a business park and the railway line. Definitely a place to visit again. On our way back to the boat, we went and found a Maplin's, as Keith wanted a couple of items, which ended up including a power supply for my laptop, because my Dell one was no longer working, unless I fiddled with it endlessly to make it work. I on many occasion got close to throwing it across the floor. So now I have a nice new one and at a fraction of the price. Good old Maplin's.

Back at the boat, we both felt like we had done a marathon, so it was time for a coffee using our new kettle. I have food and pet shopping to do, but I think it can wait until tomorrow, I do not think my feet will be to happy if I hike across to Pets at Home and then Tesco, they can wait until tomorrow.

After such a quiet time at Hillmorton, I am not sure I will be getting as good a nights sleep tonight, because it is pretty noisy where we are moored, but I will let you know tomorrow what happens.

Chat soon xx

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