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Monday 23 December 2013

Hospital and back home again

In the very early hours of Friday morning, Keith was rushed into hospital with acute back pain, it was the worst he had have ever had. His back kept going to into spasms which meant I could not move him without him being in extreme pain. It was beyond control, so I called 111 and they sent an ambulance out. It took the paramedics a while to get him sedated enough to get him out of the boat and into the ambulance. Keith was rushed into hospital, where the doctors in A&E tried to settle his pain. The hospital staff were excellent, but because they could not stop the pain and the spasms within the 4 hour window he was admitted to allow the concoction of drugs to take effect. By Saturday he was up and walking, but had to wait until today, Monday, to be released this evening. It is great to have him back home where he belongs. Christmas can now begin on-board.
He needs to have an MRI scan early in the new year, but we also hope to have a chat with my local GP to discuss keeping a stock of suitable medicines on-board so that we can treat it when the problem occurs and hopefully save having to be admitted into hospital again. This year his back has been giving him more and more problems. But for now he is pain free and home.

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