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Thursday 4 September 2014

Yet more gardening.

As you will have read in a previous post, I have been transforming our garden. That task continued yesterday.


The shrub patch has now got some plants in it. I spent the morning moving bushes from other parts of the garden. There are still more to go in, but it is taking shape.


I then turned my attention to my new herb patch, which has Lemon Balm, Thyme, Parsley, Sage, Chives and Rosemary in it. I am quite sure I will be adding to it next year.

Whilst busily digging my garden, the plants arrived for the trusts car park garden, so it was drop everything and start planting the old wildflower bed and turn it into a formal bed. Keith helped me by measuring it out properly and putting in Bamboo canes to mark each segment. We then arranged the plants in clusters, stepped back and looked at how it looked. I felt like Alan Titchmarsh or should that be Charlie Dimmock.



This is the finished bed. It may look a little sparse, but the plants will fill out and hopefully give us all a riot of colour. The bed can also be added to, which will be wonderful. Now the weeds just have to be kept down. I finally finished at 5 pm, having been gardening since 8.30 am, so I was really shattered. Thankfully my Sciatica did not become any worse and I was none the worse for wear, when I got up this morning.

Today I took the day off from gardening. I did take Paddy up to the vet’s for a weigh-in and he has gone from 13 kg to 13.04 kg, so a slight improvement. Unfortunately on the walk back to the boat he did go lame in his right front leg. It came and went a few times, so something else to keep an eye on and to mention to the vet when we next see her.

The rest of my day was spent, cooking, washing, eating, drinking, knitting and watching films. Tomorrow I know I am busy as it is back to gardening on one of the trust’s beds ready for sewing the wildflower seeds.

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