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Sunday 28 December 2014

A Quiet Christmas.

I hope that this posting finds you all keeping well and that you enjoyed a wonderful festive time.

My Christmas was made all the better this year, because on Tuesday 23rd December Keith came home from the hospital. having had blood tests, the consultant and doctors found that Keith’s liver was improving on its own and so they were happy to let him come home. He has to return to see the consultant in four weeks time. This was good news. The bad news was he was supposed to come home on the Monday. He was all dressed and excited at coming home, only for him to come over all poorly. Sickness and an upset tummy then took over, so the doctor said he should stay in. Now the hospital has five wards closed due to the Winter vomiting bug, so you can imagine I was praying this was not going to happen to Keith. I left Keith in the hospital and waited for a call from him, which came Tuesday morning, to say “I am coming home”. I dropped everything and rushed down to the hospital, to find Keith sitting outside the ward ready and waiting.

Back home he could spend as much time in the loo as needed and I could look after him. Our next thought was, would he be well enough to go out for our Christmas Day meal, which we book back in October. Thankfully Keith was well enough and we went to Wetherspoons as planned.


Keith was actually really looking forward to his meal.


He managed the soup, but could not manage all the main course or the pudding. Considering that he had been so poorly, I was amazed he managed so much, but he did look better for eating.


We both had a lovely time and felt quite spoilt by the team there, who made us very welcome and the food was fantastic.

Back at the boat it has been a matter of chilling-out in front of the TV.


We were treated to a beautiful sunrise this morning.

It is so quiet here, which is a blessing, because at the moment all’s we really want to do is have a quiet time after such a difficult year. I sincerely home next year will be better for us and for all those who have had a difficult year.

This past couple of years has been very difficult for friends of our Les and Jacqueline on N B Valerie. But this Christmas they received the best news ever. Les had his CT scan to check how he was doing and he is Cancer free. Long may this continue and we wish them all the very best for 2015 and hope we will see them somewhere on the cut. I hope good news comes in three’s like bad news does.



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