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Tuesday 9 June 2015

Every man and their wife.

Hi friends and new readers.
It seems that the season for boating is now full on, if today is anything to go by. We had lots of boats coming towards us today and some of them were when we did not need it.
We met up with Martin Fuller on his fabulous boat Cutter. It was lovely to see him for a quick natter in passing.
We had set off hoping to wind, but like yesterday the winding holes were too short or too shallow, so we ended up cruising to Cracks Hill winding hole.
It is the winding hole where the boat is moored on dry land in the corner of the winding hole with Cracks Hill looking down on it. Sods law as we decide to wind the wind picks up making it interesting and then boats came into sight from both directions, so we held them up whilst we got on with the task in hand. The canal may have been dredged, but the winding hole is still shallow as are the mooring places along the Leicester. Anyway we managed to wind and get out of other boaters way.
Since being out we have seen some beautiful Buttercup Meadows and the ones near Yelvertoft Marina are stunning.
We tied up at bridge 21 near Yelvertoft and the plan to finish off the varnishing I began the other day actually took place after lunch. Coat number three, will hopefully go on tomorrow.
Many boats passed us and it has to be said that some of them really do not know what tick over is when passing moored boats. We are full of coal and sitting down in the water and yet we still moved a lot when some of the boats went passed. One boater passing us as I was on the back counter actually commented about another boat passing us in the opposite direction. He said "Blimey he did not even take his foot of the gas did he. Has he not heard of tick over". My reply was "He has not been the first today".
Someone who did pass us today was Allison & Chris with Doo Lalli Ali. It was lovely to see them whilst passing. The last time we saw them was May 2013 near Napton (Knapton) Junction. Maybe next time we can have a proper natter over a cuppa.

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