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Wednesday 22 June 2016

Busy couple of days.

Tusses Bridge to Napton Junction

A long day today, nearly 10 hours cruising. IMG_8406

The weather was at least kind.


Love the trees at All Oaks Wood.


Newbold Tunnel.


Hillmorton Locks where a lock keeper was on duty.


Braunston Church.

We made a short stop at Midland Chandlers in Braunston to pick up the items we have had a list of for the past year, so we can get jobs done when we get home.


We left Braunston, where the Historic boat rally takes place this coming weekend.

Our overnight mooring was just short of Napton Junction.

This morning we left at 8.25 am to turn towards Warwick and to do the locks.



The weather was a bit indifferent, with drizzle falling off and on.


The drizzle actually proved to be refreshing as I began the locks. Calcutt Locks and we met two boats going down ahead of us, we also had an empty pound, so we had to let water down so they could move. Both boats turned in to Calcutt marina and we were on our own. We arrived at Stockton Locks, there was an Anglo Welsh hire boat on the lock mooring. The gentlemen on board were having their breakfast as you do, but NOT on a lick mooring. So I told Keith to run alongside them and I would step across their boat. No one on that boat came and asked what was going on or sorry we are in the way. With no other boat insight, I worked down the first lock. We were just going into lock 2 and I spotted a boat behind us, so went and let them know that we would wait for them. The gentleman was less than pleased about the hire boat, so he went and had a polite word and was told “we will move in a minute”, which they did. We did the Stockton Locks with Wild Rose, before they stopped for water at The Blue Lias. We were then on our own with all the locks still against us, due to paired boats ahead of us.

We arrived at Radford Semele at 3.05 pm after a long slog.


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