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Friday 23 December 2016

Two sleeps.

Hi Friends.

Two sleeps to go. If you are not ready, you are going to be going into the world of the crazy people. Shopping center's and supermarkets across the land, will be bedlam today and tomorrow. If you are going shopping remember to stay calm and count to 10 when breathing, because you can guarantee there will be trolley wars in the supermarket isles and people will be rude. Christmas is but one day and the shops will be open again on Boxing Day. I have been told that some shops are even opening on Christmas Day, so no panic required.
Yesterday in Stratford-upon-Avon, the atmosphere was very relaxed, which was nice to see. I am not bothered about standing in queue's, what does bother me is the huffing and puffing of people in front and behind me and the fact that they feel the need to sneeze their germs all over me. THANKS. This is why I get the shopping done nice and early, so I do not have to cope with either. I worked on the tills at Christmas and oh boy people can be so rude and yet I smiled sweetly and packed the bags, whilst feeling like I would actually like to shout. Christmas cheer can be in short supply at the checkouts, so please think of the poor person processing your shopping.

After yesterday's fun in Stratford, today it was back down to reality. The laundry needed to be done, so that is what I got on with first. One quick wash load all done in 32 minutes, then hung in the engine room for drying. I re-lit the back cabin stove and stoked up the saloon stove, so we are nice and snug as Storm Barbara comes a calling. I do not think we will get it very bad, but the north is set for a tough time. Coal and wood bought in and stowed away, ash pans emptied. Christmas lights are on and then lunch had to be thought about. With rich food coming up over the Christmas period, I like to keep things nice and simple before the big day, so we do not have an over load, especially now as I have this bloomin Hiatus Hernia, which is giving me jip still. I feel a visit to the GP in the New Year is calling. The tablets I am on have helped with my rib and sternum pain, but not with the hernia, so it will be back to see what we do next. Anyway lunch was Smoked Haddock, Peas and Potato and very nice it was.
The afternoon was spent helping one of the Winter moorer's with her crochet. I had got her started Tuesday night at the games evening, but she had gotten herself in a pickle, so I dropped round to sort her out and get her back on the right track. Back home, I set about doing more to my family tree. I am hoping to do more on it next year. I have such a lot I want to know about both my grand fathers, who I never really knew and their lives seem to be a bit of a mystery, or people are just not talking about them.
Storm Barbara has begun to rock the boat and with it she has bought the rain, which was thumping down on the roof of the boat. I think we may have a rocky night. Just seen on Twitter, that another storm is following on from Barbara and they have named it Conor, it will be with us later on Christmas day and into Boxing day, deep joy. So much for the coldest winter ever.

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