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Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Getting it done.

Hello Dear Friends and Followers.

Finally Summer came back for a few days at least and so it was time to dig out the paint and brushes yet again. As you will probably be aware our cruising season was curtailed by the generator dying and having a new one installed, so we have been stuck on our lovely mooring in Warwick. if we had to be stuck anywhere, then this is the place I am happiest.
So here I am grafting away with a paintbrush. Our slide needed a lot of TLC. We really need a new slide, because the underneath of our one is rotting, but it has lasted 10 years, so it has done well. I am hoping we can get another year out of this slide, so I rubbed it all down and began painting it. Above is the finished article and I am pleased with it.
The cabin side and doors were next to get my attention. It was mainly just touching up, but all the jobs take time to prepare them and then begin the job of painting. I finished the day with a coat of gloss on the blue parts. I still have the White and Red to tackle, but with rain forecast for the next couple of days, rain has stopped play. The next major paint work to be done is the hatches over the engine room doors. To do these they need to be taken off, so I need a few days of lovely weather to get them done.
Whilst I was busy working, Marmite was taking it nice and easy. She is very good at watching, but hopeless when it comes to doing anything constructive. The only time she is really interested in anything is when food is involved, and this was the case when it came to lunchtime. I decided because it was hot, I would do us a Tuna salad. Marmite was asleep when I began opening a tin of Tuna, but no sooner it was opened, she was inside the boat and meowing at me as if to say "Please can I have some Tuna please mum". She did those tiny meows, which was telling me she was in fishy heaven as I put her a small amount of Tuna in her bowl. It does not take much to keep her happy.

Paint work done for the day and so I thought I would go out and photograph the butterflies, which were enjoying the flowers in the Arm.
The Red Admirals, were enjoying our Buddleias as were the Small Tortoiseshells.
I have only seen one Peacock Butterfly this year in the Arm, which is surprising, because there are normally more than that. 
The Brimstone Butterfly seems to be out in force as well this year.
My Bee homes are proving popular to the Solitary Bees. I find it fascinating how they line and fill in the holes.
We have had a few boaters coming to the Arm to stay, which is always welcome. It is always wonderful to see old friends and to make new friends, who we hope will come back in the future.
I am busy at the moment helping to organise our Heritage Weekend on the 9th and 10th September. Jacky our administrator runs the event and I am her number 2. Our event is only a small event, but it takes some organising. Jacky amazes me how organised she is with it all. It certainly would not run so smoothly if it was not for her. I still have cards to make for the event, which I need to crack on with. I usually like to do it when Marmite is out on her lead, because she will insist on walking over my bits and bobs. I am sure she thinks she is quality control and therefore must inspect everything. This is not a help, when I have glue and stuff around. I think I will get on with some more cards either today or tomorrow, when the weather is up to no good. 

For those of you who have been wondering how I am getting with coming off of my HRT, it is going well so far. I am now not taking it on Saturdays, Mondays and Wednesdays. Next week I will add another day. I have not felt any ill effects, which is a total bonus, but we will see when I get further along the coming off slowly journey. If it goes horribly wrong, I can always start taking the HRT again. But for the moment all is fine.

Pop back soon x

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