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Tuesday 8 December 2020

Who remember's.

 Dear family, friends and followers.

I hope that everyone is staying safe and well. With the vaccine now being rolled out, eventually we will all hopefully receive it and be able to get a bit more normality. Covid-19 has touched the Arm, with a member of staff sadly catching it away from the Arm. We all wish her well in her recovery. It really does bring it home, when someone you know gets it, so please stay safe. None of us in the Arm have come into contact with the member of staff, and so we have no need to worry.

Own up who, used to or still writes a paper diary?

I know I could possibly call a blog a diary, so that is why I ask about a paper diary. I remember having those lockable diaries, but I was hopeless at keeping it up. I would start out with the best of intentions and then it would wain, probably because I had nothing interesting to say. A little like blogging, which sometimes is hard to write. It got me thinking because a couple of years ago, I began writing my life story and I had completely put it to one side. It was only when Mum died in August, that I found out from my brother, that our Mum had written her life story and so it got me thinking that I really should carry on with mine, for my family to read when I am gone. I am very much looking forward to reading Mum's and to learn things about her I never knew. If you wrote a diary, what was the biggest secret you wrote in it?

Yesterday I received a data card, with Mum's funeral and photographs on it. My brother had edited all the footage he took and has made a wonderful video of her final journey and of his Eulogy. Mum would have been so proud of what he said and the video he made. I sat with a coffee and tissues and watch the whole thing and this bought back so many memories, happy and sad. 

Mum is now reunited with her Mum and I like to think of them having a good old natter over a cup of tea. I know one day I will join them around the table with my coffee and biscuits.

On Facebook I am a member of a group that looks back to our childhood. It got me thinking about the things I used to play with as a child, I then remember Fuzzy Felts. Do you remember them and did you play with them?
My childhood was very sheltered growing up on a farm and money was tight, but Mum always made sure we had something lovely at Christmas. We would have something we wanted and a surprize. I am not so sure that Christmas is the same for the children of today and that in some respects is sad. I certainly feel like I had the best of times, as to my freedom and what I was allowed to do. 

Pop back soon xxx

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