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Thursday, 21 October 2021

Gardening time.

Hello, one and all.

How are things with you all?

The weather has been a little up and down this past week, which has meant very little has been done in the garden since rebuilding the bug hotel. Yesterday began promising. We were up very late for us 9.25am and with us wanting to get our morning stroll in, I said we could do a walk, which would take us into town for a coffee and a late breakfast at Wetherspoons. We took a long route into town and we enjoyed a lovely breakfast in Wetherspoons, before strolling back to the boat. We had not been home more than fifteen minutes, when there was a huge clap of thunder and the rains came down in truck loads. After heavy rain and a thunderstorm yesterday, the sun came out this morning and I decided today was the day to get on with sorting the garden out. 

What was our old vegetable plot, has been turned into a flower bed. The vegetable garden is now behind our bunkers. I moved plants and shrubs and added new one. I also moved the bird bath on the log, so it is closer to the bird table. This year I have planted some bulbs. I am a little late in planting them, but the ground has been very wet and I have had other things to do. 
I am hoping that when Spring comes, everything will fill the gaps in nicely. I am going to plant more Lavender, especially for the Bees and Butterflies, which I hope in turn will use the bug hotel.
The previous moorer, left a couple of mirrors behind when she left and we decided today to put them up on our shuttering at the back of our staging. 
I am hoping the two mirrors will reflect the plants in front of them, so we can see them from the pontoon. We will see what happens. They make a nice touch. I had lunch and then tidied everything up and away. I felt I was done for the day. These days my energy levels wain after lunch. This getting old lark, is absolutely no fun at all. Still progress was made.
Whilst I did the garden, Keith worked on one of the rag rugs he made for our back cabin a few years ago.
For some very odd reason, the hessian had developed a split in it and so surgery was required.
We now have two smaller rag rugs.
They still fit nicely in the back cabin. Hopefully they will last a little longer. At some point, I will need to wash them, which is always a worry, because they can fall apart when elderly. I usually put them in a pillowcase to wash them, just in case bit comes out. Talking a washing things, the one job, I did get done whilst the weather was up and down, I washed the hold strings. They get very grubby and stiff, throughout the year, so we take them off five at a time and I put them in pillowcases and wash them. Why, do I put them in pillowcases? Well they have metal S hooks on them, and I do not want them clattering around in the washing machine, so putting them in pillowcases stops this. I secure the tops of the pillowcases with a cable tie. It works well. I do the same for any of the cabin strings. 
Right time for a coffee and to get my feet up.
Have a wonderful day.

Pop back soon xxx


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