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Monday 18 July 2022



Hi Everyone.

My last post was Hot, hot, hot, well today out stripped that by miles and then some. It has been absolutely baking today and yet, we have some how managed to keep as cool as possible. This country of ours, has never seen these sort of temperatures, the last highest temperature in the UK was 38.7C (101.6F), recorded in Cambridge on July 25, 2019. I think that was blown out of the window today and I expect it to be high again tomorrow. It is just for two days and then we go back to normal, but still some people have no flippen common sense. People still walk their dogs along tarmac pavements in the middle of the day and people, mainly teenagers still jump into deep cold water and die. We can all be told what we should do, but surely we all need to use our common sense. How would you like to walk on a baking hot pavement, with a fur coat on and bare feet? That is what some are doing with their dogs. Dogs paws get burnt in high temperatures. The pavements are tarmac and scorching hot and therefore dogs end up with burnt paws and then the owner has huge vets bills. These are probably the same dog owners who leave their dogs in their cars with the window slightly open, whilst they nip into the shop. Their dog is cooking in that car. The media, police and press put out warnings and still dogs are being left in cars. Please use common sense and do not do it. If you love your pets keep them at home in the shade, with plenty of water.

This morning, I helped at the stables and we made sure all of the animals had plenty of water, shade and the dogs had a cooling down session in a paddling pool with a spray bottle. They were then checked in the afternoon and topped up again. Horses sweat, so they need plenty of fluids. Dogs do sweat, mainly through the glands in their paw pads, so it is important to keep those pads cool. Both the ponies and dogs, had as cooler a day as we could offer. I on the other hand was melting. I reckon I have sweated my body weight today, even though we have kept as cool as possible in a 70ft by 6ft x 10 inch tube. There was a time when I could sit out in the sunshine for most of the day in my teens, but now I find I need the shade more and more. In my misspent youth, I would lay out and get sun tanned all day, but not anymore. Now, I sit or lay in the shade and stay Lily White. 

I hope that for this couple of days you stay cool and safe.
Pop back soon x

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