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Monday 4 July 2022

Getting busy.


Hi everyone.

We have been home less than a week and I have been extremely busy. We got back here on the Thursday and I spent all day Friday, trimming back our wild Snowberry hedge. I have cut back all of our side of the hedge and the trust will cut the top and their side of the hedge. By the time it got to 2.30pm, I was done in, but the hedge was tidy our side. The lovely people who had been staying on our mooring whilst we were out, kindly did some weeding for us, so I have less weeds to dig up, but there is still plenty to do in the garden. I got the laundry up to date and put the hoover round. I do miss using the hoover when we are out. To make life easier, when we are out boating, I take all the rugs up, so the floor is easier to sweep. I need to wash our saloon rug as it is rather grubby, and that maybe done this week, because we are in for some good weather apparently. 

I seem to have got rid of my Summer cold, although I still cough like a 70 a day smoker. Keith however has been really struggling to shift the painful throat. As of this morning, we think it has finally started to get better, but he has the cough to get through next. 

Today, I went back to helping out at the stables and I got to meet Cocoa and Swift, who have just joined the stables and I have to say are absolutely gorgeous. They are Mother and Son and I am completely in love with them.

Having mucked out the stables, we went and checked on the other members of the stables including Fudge the Donkey, who is on his Summer holidays. He is such a funny boy and he is still growing into his ears. He was very happy to see me. I wonder if he knew I had been gone for 2 months, or whether time to them means nothing? It is great to be back helping out and getting my pony and donkey fix. 
This coming week, will mean more gardening and sorting some things out on the boat. I also need to order our coal ready for the Winter. I am not looking forward to how much it may have gone up to. Fuel prices are scarily high at the moment. We need to fill up with diesel at some point, which we know will hurt. We can hold 6oo litres and we know we need 450 litres to fill the tank eckkkkk. 
Can anyone think of anything which is going down in price?
But needs must and all that. Then once we know what is going to happen with Keith and his appointment with his surgeon, we can plan what we do about our blacking. It may be that we will have to wait until next year. Watch this space to find out.

Pop back soon x

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