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Wednesday 25 June 2014

Goodbyes and more painting.

Over the past few days we have seen a few people we know on boats and so if I do not give you a mention please forgive me. On Tuesday we said “Goodbye” to Fred and Lisa on NB Chyandour. Fred and Lisa had enjoyed a great weekend and Monday in the arm and it was wonderful catching up with them again. Another boat to leave this week was NB Matilda Blue with Geoff and Diana. They left Monday before we were up, so we never got to say “Goodbye” or to wish them luck with their new adventure, because Geoff and Diana are selling their boat after Seven years and moving on to pastures and adventures new. We wish them well and hope they do not miss the canals to much.

Today Wednesday has seen the last of the engine room paintwork completed phew.


The shelving over the calofier and generator was put back into place all shiny and new.


It all looks so fresh and much nicer now.


The day tank also got a make over with new paintwork.


The guards for the alternators and the flywheel back in position. The floor and the starter motor also got painted. The only thing left to paint now is the exhaust pipe which we paint with white emulsion but I am going to wait for a few days before doing that to make sure all the other paintwork has hardened off properly.

So your probably thinking well that must be it now, sure I must be hanging up my paint brush for the rest of the year. Well no I am not because the engine room doorways out of the engine room need attention as do the doors. That is the joys of owning a boat, it is a never ending paint job, if you want to keep on top of it. The engine room walls got painted last year, so they will do for at least another year.

Change of subject now.

I have mentioned on the blog that I have been having issues with the Menopause which began in 2007. Yes I know that was a long time ago and I would have thought by now I would be through it, but it appears my body has other ideas. Well it all came to a head last week, when I finally decided that enough was enough and the joint pain etc was more than I want to put up with. My GP did lots of blood tests to rule out other health problems, but they all came back fine and dandy, so it would appear that my symptoms are Menopause related and so I took the decision to go on to HRT. My GP has put me on to Estradiol 1 mg to begin with, to see if it helps. I have a couple of months worth to take and then we will review the situation.

So here is hoping they work, but if not then I guess we will try something else.

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