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Tuesday 8 July 2014

Small beginnings and brand new jackets.


As your probably aware by now from reading my ramblings, the garden is my sanctuary this year with us not moving. I am so pleased to see we have Runner beans taking shape and if the amount of flowers is anything to go by, we will be eating Runner Beans till Christmas at least.


They are small at the moment, but it will not be long before I will be pulling them. Thankfully we have a number of Ladybirds in our garden, because the black fly seem to be in abundance at the moment.

We also have tomatoes growing, I will post a photograph of them when they are a little bigger.


Dwarf Beans are rampant at the moment and there are flowers on them as well.


Lettuce are almost ready for cutting and the Carrots and Spring Onions although a little thin on the ground are coming on nicely.


Keith’s Peppers are showing signs of producing a crop. They have taken a long time to get going, but finally we have something growing.


At the weekend myself and Jacky spent a day working on the sensory garden.


We planted grasses in touch garden.



More colour has gone into the colour section and scented plants in the scented area.


I staked all the Fennel in the taste garden.


The Aural garden still needs work on it, but it will do for now and we have the judging coming up next week for Warwick in Bloom. Jacky and I worked so hard and so we hope it was all worth it.

I still have the other raised beds to sort out, but I will just tidy them up and we will all tackle them over the Winter.

Today, Keith had his Physio appointment at the hospital. We got there early and Keith waited his turn. At 11am his appointment time he was called in. Warwick Hospital is amazing at keeping to their appointment times. The exercises he has always done for his back are still in fashion, but the Physio did give him some more to do. Afterwards we decided to catch the bus into Leamington Spa for some lunch at our favourite Chinese Buffet. We are both in need of new Waterproof jackets before the Winter and with the sales on we thought it was a good time to look. So we popped into Black’s which is closing down checked out their prices and then into Yeoman’s and Trespass. We then bought 2 jackets from Yeoman's, marked as £20 each, but got them both for £30, second half price deal. Now that is what I call a bargain. Nothing more to do we caught the buss back to the boat and sat down for a much needed coffee.

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