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Friday 25 September 2015

Endoscopy and more boating friends.

Over the past couple of days we have seen yet more boating friends and fellow bloggers. James and Doug came into the Arm on Chance, having come down the Hatton Flight. It was lovely to see them both and although we did not get to see much of them as they were busy with friends and family, I did get to chat with James last night as he worked on the boat and I was locking up the gates on site. Maybe next time we will get to see them longer and I can put the kettle on.

Today I went for my Endoscopy and it was quite an experience. Ecky Thump it was something I hope I will not have to do again and if I do I will go for the sedation. I decided to be brave and just have the throat spray which numbs the throat. The spray worked well, but my gag reflex was fierce and therefore the doctor had problems getting the camera down. I was already to give in and have the sedation, but then it went down and within minutes it was over and I was on my way home. I am actually rather proud of myself at going with the spray. The Endoscopy did not find anything going on and definitely no Hiatus Hernia, so it is back to the drawing board. I will now have to wait to see what the GP wants to do next, which is a bit of a pain, because we want to go out on the boat into Birmingham. They say patience is a virtue and I guess I must be patient. 

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