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Saturday 12 December 2015

Marmite is missing something.

Hi friends.
A few weeks ago Marmite and Paddy went to the vets for their check-up and vaccinations, which they have yearly. On checking Marmites teeth it was discovered she had Gingivitis, which explained her smelly breath for the past few weeks. Marmite has a combination of wet and dry food, this is because if she has dry food alone, it upsets her stomach and whilst we have kept her wet food down to a minimum, it appears this has aided the Gingivitis. The vet gave Marmite a long lasting antibiotic injection and told us if her breath stopped smelling we did not need to take her back. After a few days her breath was smelling much sweeter, which was a great improvement on what it had been like, although because she eats a fish diet, her breath is never wonderful. Her tooth fell out at the beginning of the week and so far she seems non to bothered by the lack of her tooth.

We reckon she will need to go back to the vets in the New Year for some dental work, as she has another lose tooth at the back, but we will keep an eye on her.
Marmite's reaction to losing a tooth, was to sleep on the side bed in the back cabin where the stove would keep her toastie all afternoon. She is not one for being cold or even the slightest bit chilly, so if the stove is lit the back cabin is where you will find her.

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