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Thursday 10 December 2015

Wet and windy Thursday.

It is a tad breezy and now raining hard. Great day for doing the inside jobs. I have done the washing, which today was the bed linen. We sleep in our back cabin cross bed, so yes we sleep in a cupboard. It is wonderful, because every morning, I roll the bed up and push it into the cupboard and shut the door. There is no making the bed for me. It is however fun trying to make the bed up having stripped the bedding off for washing. I can see in my later years I am going to have to find new ways of doing the job, but for now I get on with it on my hands and knees. 

Washing done and hung in the back cabin, which now looks like a Chinese Laundry, I then turned my attention to cooking the dinner. Stewing steak, with Mushroom and Carrots. Later on I will add dumplings, which is a must during the Winter months. There is nothing nicer than dumplings all plump and fluffy on top of a stew. Having fried off the Onions and meat, I added the carrots, stock, Worcestershire sauce and pepper. Covered it and put it in the oven. The Mushrooms will be added later along with the dumplings. I wish this blog had a smelly button, so you could experience the smell wafting around the cabin right now.

Next task was to put the broom through, to brush up the tumble weed of dog hair floating along the floor. With Mog and Dog shut in the back cabin, I gave the floor a wash as well. The Other half had gone into town, so with the boat to myself, it was great to get these jobs done before he comes home. 

So with my morning sorted out, the afternoon was a lot quieter. I sat knitting my dishcloths and watched films. Mog has lost a tooth and looks a little sorry for herself. 

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