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Wednesday 28 June 2017

Going In.


Hello Dear Friends and Followers.

Two posts in one day, you are truly blessed ha ha ha. Not a particularly bright day. This time last week the overnight temperature was 15 degrees, that is the daytime temperature today and we have had rain and drizzle. This does not stop play though, work has to continue.

Our new generator instillation is coming on a treat. Rob worked on her today. He has done some of the plumbing, the rest will be done after we have a hole cut in the hull for the raw water cooling. Keith has been doing his bit, by helping with the electrics, so it looks like after tomorrow we maybe able to head home.


Exhaust waterlock/silencer installed on the baseplate in the boatman's cabin underneath the drawer under the bedhole.


Exhaust hoses installed through to the engine room, just need connecting to the hull outlet.


Fuel pump attached to the bulkhead where the original fuel filter/water trap was fitted, which will soon be fitted above the pump.

This afternoon we were treated to two boats going back into the water. Before this could happen Hadar had to be moved into the poly tunnel out of the way, well that was the plan. We could not actually get all the way in because it was too shallow, so a fair bit of her was poking out.


This was the monster crane preparing itself for the job in hand.


Narrowboat Jemima was the first to go back into the water after she had her blacking done.


Back in the water safe and sound.


The second boat was Narrowboat Kingfisher, who had come off the Mon and Brec Canal. Her new owners are mooring her at Ventnor Marina.


They were a little nervous, but also excited at seeing her take off.


Almost ready to go back into the water.


Welcome to new waters Narrowboat Kingfisher. Hopefully her new owners will enjoy cruising around this end of the country.

With the working day almost done, we tidied up the engine room and back cabin before settling down for tea. We are both so pleased with the new generator and cannot wait to start it up and see how she runs. Because of the goings on in the engine room, both Paddy and Marmite are shut up all day in the saloon, so when we open the door to the engine room door Marmite makes a bee-line for the back cabin and Paddy is ready for a wee. It is now time to settle in for the evening and watch more of ‘Deadwood’.

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