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Tuesday 8 January 2019

Back to the blankets.

Hi friends and followers.

Thank you for your New Year messages. I hope that 2019 will be kind to us all.
How is the start of 2019 going for you?

Mine has been a mixed beginning, but I am hopeful that things will look up. I am looking forward to our new cruising season, but before that begins we have our boat safety coming up this week. My fingers will be tightly crossed. I cannot see any issues, but one never knows. I am ploughing through getting rid of things we no longer need or wear, because we have very little storage space. Living on a boat, means you require very little to live. I have always said, if we buy something new, then something old has to go and that still applies. It may not be Spring, but I am already doing the Spring cleaning. This week will see me changing nappies, and beginning to clean the back cabin from top to bottom. I have painting I would like to do, but no point doing it when the stoves are lit. I will leave the painting a bit longer. I will be checking the gearbox and making sure that everything is ready for the boat safety examination. If there is any time spare, I will be out in our garden, or do something in the Arms gardens.

In the meantime. I have got on with my blanket making for the Collies.
This is the first one for 2019. There will be many more to follow as the wool donations come in. I love sitting down and crocheting when I have spare time, or cannot be bothered to do anything else.
This morning I spent my time in the laundry, getting the washing done. I want to catch up with the extra washing I have before we go cruising. I like to wash the blankets and curtains, so that everything is nice, fresh and clean.
It is still so mild out, that the flowers in our garden are still growing. My bulbs are beginning to come up. They will get one heck of a shock if we suddenly get a freeze on. Yesterday I ordered another tonne of coal, just in case we have a cold snap. What is not used will come in handy for next Winter. I always like to keep coal onboard when we are out cruising as well. Now that we are not selling coal, we tend to have our coal on the pontoon when we are at home and then take the rest of it with us when we go off. I am not sure when we are heading off out yet, but we both already feel the need to be on the move.
I am off to make dinner and then decide what we will be watching tonight. I do know we will be watching Martin Clunes in ManHunt on ITV1, it is the final part of a three part series.

Pop back soon xx

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