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Monday 28 January 2019

Another blanket made.

Hello Friends and Followers.
Brrrr it was a tad nippy this morning. The temperature was down to –4.5c last night. I actually slept in this morning till 7.55am, which is unheard of for me. I did however keep to the routine of making a cuppa, which was enjoyed beneath the duvet, whilst watching the morning news and weather. You may already know that we may actually have some snow this week and I for one will be out there making the most of it, because I am a complete and utter child when it comes to snow.
Up and about, I sorted out the fires before going out for my morning stroll. It is so lovely to go for a walk on a crisp morning, because the air seems so fresh and the birds seem to sing louder. Once home from my stroll, I got on with baking a cake.
This one is a coffee and walnut cake with cream ice topping. We try to keep our cake consumption down, but when it is cold outside, we all need a little comfort food. Lunch today was the remainder of a mince beef curry and some Indian nibbles I had in the freezer from Christmas. That is all of the Christmas food gone now.
I have completed blanket number three for 2019, which will be sent off to The Border Collie Trust in a week or so with a couple of other blankets I made before Christmas. I will keep on making the blankets for as long as I am donated the wool.

Do you ever sit and wonder how different you life may have been, if you had not made changes?
I most certainly have sat and wondered and I know that if I had stayed the way I was, there is no way I would be the woman I am today. Today I am a confident woman, I have high self-esteem and know that I can do anything if I put my mind to it. This was mostly due to the man in my life, who showed me my worth.
It is so easy for women to sit back and fall into line to keep others happy, but that is not how it should be. Us as women are stronger than we think and I for one know that I can conquer anything on my own if need be. Friends and family are so important in our lives, but the only person who can make us who we are is ourselves.

Pop back soon xx

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