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Saturday 15 May 2021

Time to open up.

 Dear family, friends and followers.

We all know what a long year it has been because of Covid-19 and the pandemic, and how businesses and people alike have suffered and struggled. Where we moor, has had its gates locked since March 2020, and we have not allowed any visiting boats or the public into the Arm, mainly because we have elderly residents who have poor health living amongst us. On the 1st June, we will hopefully be opening up to visiting boats again and to the general public, who come onto the site to enjoy everything we offer. Of course we will be taking every precaution to keep ourselves safe as residents and masks will have to be worn in the office, shop and laundry room. It is going to feel a little odd, having complete strangers in and around the Arm again, but like the rest of the country, it feels like we need to get back to some sort of normality, even with the Indian Variant causing concern. I am waiting for my second vaccination and I know I will feel much happier once I have had it. I am still going to take all the precautions needed to keep us safe, which includes doing the free flow testing. I had to do a prescription run on Friday, so picked up a couple of packs ready. 

I have continued with my morning walks. It really has helped me throughout this pandemic.
I love to take different routes and see the changes from Winter to the Spring and heading towards the Summer. The greenery has really sprung, with the rain and warmer weather.
My walks usually involve crossing the canal somewhere along the walk. There have been a fair few boats on the move, heading up and down the Hatton flight of locks. I have not yet ventured up the flight on my walk yet, because I felt it would be too busy. 
I still enjoy walking through the cemetery and have seen the changing of the seasons, just by the flowers which are growing in the wild areas of the cemetery. 
When I have not been on my walks, I have been helping out in the Arm, with the gardens and lately with the new security fencing we are putting up around our car park area. This has come about, because of the theft of a wood chipper a couple of weeks ago. It seems nothing is safe these days. Some people seem to think they can just take someone else's property without consequences. Thankfully the chipper was covered by insurance. Theft in any shape or form causes no end of stress and upset to the person or business, which has been broken in to. 

I hope that where ever you are, you are keeping safe and have had your vaccinations. Here's to some sort of normality going forward. 

Pop back soon xxx

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