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Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Spring Wood, opposite Springwood Haven (Valley Cruises) to No 8 Mill Bridge, Burton Hastings, Ashby Canal.

Map image
Travelled 7.7 miles in a time of 2 hours 45 minutes.
Yesterday afternoon after lunch, Keith and I went wood hunting in Spring Wood. I wanted to fill some old coal bags with twigs for fire lighting through the coming Winter. There was plenty of choice and it did not take either of us very long to fill a couple of bags, which will keep us going for sometime.  I just love it when I go to bed and lay there and listen to the silence of the night, that was how it was last night. Not a sound could be heard until a Tawny Owl hooted.
We left our very quiet over night mooring at 8.15am with a view to getting through Nuneaton, land of the allotments. With sunny periods and a bit of a breeze, there was a distinct drop in temperature, which was rather pleasant. We had a pretty uneventful cruise, meeting some boats coming in he opposite direction.
Whenever we come this way, I always smile when I see this lonely telegraph pole, there is not another on to be seen, I wonder how long it has stood there all alone?
On approaching Nuneaton we were passed by Nick and Pauline on Aldgate, they are on their way to Alvecote for the weekends bash. We just had time to have a quick chat in passing. We will see Nick at the Village at War weekend. Onward through Nuneaton and out the other side. We got to Marston Junction at 9.55am.
The Ashby is known for being shallow, so we just took it nice and easy.
The plan was to moor at Burton Hastings and we were fortunate to find a space before the bend.
Since mooring up, we have had lunch and coffee, I have cleaned the brass in the back cabin and the TV has gone on. The sunshine disappeared to allow rain to fall, but now the sun is back out again. I may go out with my camera to see what there is to photograph and to see if I can find some more Blackberries. I have already picked two lots over the past couple of days. The best berries are to be found on the offside, which I cannot get to not even by boat.

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