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Saturday, 15 November 2014

I am here, honest.

Hello followers, boaters, friends and anyone who has just found me.

I apologise that these days my posts are few and far between, but life takes over and blogging is not at the top of my priority list these days, so I am sorry if you pop in each and everyday expecting something to read and are disappointed that yet again I have neglected to post an update on my life.

Hey I am here now, so enjoy.

So what have I been up to, well I am busy with the gardens. This time of year you would think there is nothing much to be done, but you would be wrong. There is cutting back to be done, leaf clearing and clearing beds.


This bed is going to be the wildflower bed, but because it had to be cleared and was full of weeds, it was decided to cover it with an old carpet to smoother the weeds.


I then covered it with mulch to help cover the carpet up. The mulch would also help to stop the carpet lifting in the wind.


All done.


I then turned my attention to the Sensory garden. One of the beds needed stripping and replanting, so I emptied the bed, refilled the bed with more top soil and got on with planting the grasses which had been bought for the raised bed.


Really pleased with the end result.

My garden is pretty much up to date. I did go out this morning and pruned the hedging and cut back some of the plants which have died back, but the ground was so wet I could not stand on it without getting my boots all muddied up.

Since taking on the gardens, there have been some wonderful comments from visitors, which makes it all worth while. Volunteers are always needed and I know that I could certainly do with more help. I still have the other raised beds to tackle over the Winter.

When I have not been gardening, I have been doing the usual boat stuff. Emptying the loo cassettes (Such a wonderful job). I rearranged the hold, so that this Winter I can get the coal from inside the boat. There will be no standing on the gunwale this Winter for me. It will also help with my on going Sciatica, which I am having physiotherapy on. That is another story. The fire needs attention twice a day and what with feeding the OH and pets, my day is pretty much taken up. I would not have my life any other way though. I only thought the other day, that this part of my life is and has been the happiest I have been for many a year. It is said you should never look back, just keep marching forward and that on the whole is right, but I do look back and there have been tears and misery in my life, but I will not let that happen again. I am in control of my life and happiness and that is how it will stay for the rest of my days.

I wrote earlier about my Sciatica. Well I have had two lots of Physiotherapy with Rob at the hospital and he is yet to get hands on with the manipulation, but with the exercise suggestions he gave me, I have gotten some relief, so I think the next visit will be the hands on bit.

I am not one to rant, but I am already sick of all the Christmas adverts on the TV already, oh and the begging charity adverts. I give to charity, but I hate it when it is rammed down our throats and the one that really gets me is the Red Cross one, where they suggest you leave them a donation in your will. If I want to leave money to a charity I will, I do not need an advert telling me to do so. In one afternoon I could have given £35 to charities advertising on the TV. What with water, donkeys, hospitals and children’s charities. They seem to be around more at this time of year. On the charity front, I sat and watched “Children In Need” and thought how amazing it was. The money raised goes to help children and people in the UK. They say “Charity begins at Home” and I agree that is where it should be.

Ok that is it folks I am off now to think of dinner and an evening watching X-Factor.

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