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Sunday 16 November 2014

Sunday stroll.

For me Sunday’s is always an easy day. I choose not to do much, not because I am religious, but I tend to be busy for the rest of the week and so Sunday is a chill-out day watching movies.

Today though was a little different, because I wanted to get some hedging plants re-potted and some put in the garden and because the weather has been wet of late, today being dry meant I was going to get on with the job in hand.

After breakfast, I made up the saloon stove, walked Pad and then fed him and mog. It was then off outside to get the hedging plants in. Last year when I stripped the garden back, many of the hedging plants were dead, so having removed them, it left big holes. It did not take me long to plants the hedging and then I turned my attention to re-potting the rest of the plants. Forty plants later they were all potted up for the Winter. Over the coming months, I hope to find homes for them throughout the site.

After lunch Keith suggested we head off out for a stroll up the locks. Now last time we did this, we made it to lock 32 before he wanted to turn around. It was very overcast, but mild. It is hard to believe that this is November.


Up above the first lock Woodhouse was loaded down with all the rubbish taken out of the canal. Trolleys, bikes, tyres, water tank to name just a few items. It is so sad that people feel the need to dump their rubbish in our beautiful waterways.


Even in the gloom, the canal still looks stunning, especially with the Autumnal colours which are hanging on.



You may notice a For Sale board on the right of this photograph. The lock cottage is up for sale, if you have £360,000 spare.

We managed to walk past lock 32.


We made it up to lock 37 on the flight where the locks are closer together. Keith had then had enough and wanted to turn for home.


There was only one boat on the move down the flight. A perfect day for cruising.


Back home, the kettle and the TV went on and it was time for feet up.

Who watched the X-Factor last night?

I have to say I was disappointed with Big Band night and I reckon that apart from Lauren and Fleur, everyone else is in trouble. Tonight see’s the new series of “I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here”. I am so looking forward to seeing it as always.

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