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Wednesday 18 March 2015

Homeward bound.


Last night sunset was lovely. Moored behind us was Tranquil Dayz, who had been moored in the arm for the Winter, they were now on their travels for the year.

We got woken up at 6.30 am by slapping underneath the boat, probably by a large Carp. Then a hire boat went past at speed in the fog.


We decided to set off at 8.50 am with the fog beginning to lift, we headed for the winding hole.


A pair of Swans are setting up home near the winding hole and are very busy making their nest.


They were so busy making their nest they took absolutely no notice of us winding.


A Pair of Canada Geese were taking a break in the field opposite the towpath.


Whilst winding it was a great chance for me to take a photograph of Keith.


They grow big in the canal. Sadly this Carp was no more.


Having winded, we said “Goodbye” to Radford Semele church.


By the time we were getting close to Royal Leamington-Spa the sun had come out and it was really rather warm in the Spring sunshine.


A local farmer was out feeding his Ewes and their Lambs.


Seeing Lambs always brings a smile to my face, they are such wonderful characters.


At Kate Boats a boat was getting ready to slip its mooring and asked if they could join us through Cape Locks, which of course we said “please do”.


Sharing locks is always a great thing, halves the work load and saves water, so a win, win situation.


Having left the top lock at The Cape of Good Hope, Keith went ahead and picked me up at the bridge’' ‘ole, where I got the boat pole ready for winding in the arm.


Back at out mooring. We had a lovely couple of nights out and hopefully once a few things have been sorted out on our calendar, we will be off cruising sometime in April.

So bear with me folks. I will be back Smile.

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