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Wednesday 19 April 2017

Gardening and Pigeon Box.


Hello Friends and Followers.

Goodbye to the Easter break and hello to another week of stunning weather. It has been just like Summer on our mooring, the only let down has been the chilly nights. But I will take the sunshine at the moment, because I have gotten a lot of gardening done, although the ground is now very dry, so I am having to water. If I could order the weather, I would ask for it to rain at night when I am fast asleep and then the rest of the day we have warming sunshine. I do not want blistering heat, just enough to warm my ageing bones. Unfortunately ordering the weather has not been invented yet, so until it is we will all just have to put up with what we get. The garden is now pretty much weed free until tomorrow, when I just know weeds will have grown overnight and will be stand large and proud announcing they have come to ruin my flower patches. Have you ever noticed that weeds always grow no matter the time of year?

Today I had a plan to do a bit of painting. Our pigeon box had been bugging me, because it was going rusty in places and needed attention. I kept looking at it and putting it off, but today I could look no more without actually doing something about the rust, so after lunch I began stripping it down.


One of the pieces of glass had a large crack across it, so Keith and I removed the porthole surround and glass. Underneath the surround it was rusty, so that got a good rub down with my small triangular sander. I then rubbed down the rest of the pigeon box, making sure the rusty spots got special attention.


The inside of the box was painted with Hammerite Smooth Black paint, which is what I have taken to using on the inside. It covers up a the rusty bits really well and is long lasting and that is my excuse and I am sticking to it. Once the two coats had dried, I began painting Red Oxide on the other remaining rubbed down part of the box and tomorrow I will begin undercoating the Pigeon box and hopefully bringing it back to life. Of course with painting the Pigeon box, I then started looking at the slide, which also needs painting, but that will have to wait until the Pigeon box is done. With no Pigeon box on the roof, I found a piece of board to cover the hole and some tarpaulin to cover the board, in case it should rain.  That was my job done for the day.

News on our poorly Generator. It is still poorly, but we are making progress I think. Simon came and looked at it yesterday. He did some tests on the circuit board and he thinks it is definitely electrical, but needs to confirm it with the stockists down in Plymouth. With it being Easter we suspect they are on a weeks break, because no one is answering their phone, so we will have to wait a bit longer before we head off out again. It is just as well Keith and I are patient people Smile.

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