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Saturday 22 April 2017

What a Birthday.


Hello Friends and Followers.

Well that is it for another year. I am now a year older and whether I am wiser we will see over the coming, days, weeks and months. One thing is certain, I had a lovely Birthday.


During the morning we went to Wylies Tearoom, because I felt as it was my Birthday I needed cake and Wylies Tearoom does some of the best homemade cakes. I went for their Lemon Drizzle Layered Cake and Keith had Coffee and Walnut Cake and we were not disappointed. We have been in Warwick for over 3 years and this was our first visit to the tearooms in the centre of Warwick. It will not be our last.


Wylies Tearoom is tucked away down a tiny side street. It isn't shabby chic or faux vintage, it is genuinely old, complete with original range odd shaped rooms and peeling paint, but what a find. Yes it's small, unsuitable for buggies etc, and the toilet is outside but the excellent service and a food. In the background the theme to Dr. Finley's casebook and Steptoe and sons is playing in the background, I loved it.


You can keep your Costa’s, Starbucks and Nero’s Wylies is the place to go.

After a quiet afternoon of doing nothing, we headed out for the evening to Warwick Spice. down Smith Street.

Warwick Spice

This Indian has an excellent reputation and as we like to try new places we thought we would give it a go. It is definitely advisable to book as we did, because it gets very busy.


The food was sublime and the service was excellent. We both had the House Special Biryani as our main and oh my goodness it was amazing. It had Prawn, Chicken and Lamb in it and the Lamb just melted in the mouth. Dessert was a chocolate and mint pudding all washed down with a bottle of White wine. A fantastic evening was had and we will be going again. Warwick Spice is popular with celebrities. In May Willie Thorne the snooker player will be there to help our Molly Olly’s Wishes Charity. Warwick Davis has also eaten at the restaurant, although no celebrities were in last night.


For my Birthday I had some lovely cards and these flowers from my good friend and adopted Sister Jack. Keith and I do not bother with presents these days as we only have so much room on our boat and there is no room for useless things. But we always enjoy a nice meal out.

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