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Sunday 10 May 2020

Day 100: May in our mooring garden.

Dear family friends and followers.

A new garden video for you to watch.

Here we are, it is 100 days since the Coronavirus came to the UK and we are still in lockdown, but what will Boris have to say later on this evening. You can see what the next step is at 7 pm on BBC 1 this evening. The press as usual have been speculating on what is going to happen. I am happy to wait and see. I do however hope this lockdown is not going to be lifted to quickly and we then end up having another deadly wave of the virus. The way I see it is, there are still to many catching the virus and to many dying of it. Every death leaves another family heartbroken and seeking answers. I sincerely hope that we all stay safe and carry on doing the right thing, unlike those who were out over this weekend in parks having picnics with friends and family and not self-distancing.

Did you commemorate the 75th anniversary of VE Day?

We commemorated it with a beer and had a couple of flags out on the mooring. We should never forget the sacrifice our loved ones made, so that we could be free. I know I had relatives, who fought in both world wars. My grandfather on my mother's side fought and although he came back from the war, he was never to be the same again. What saddens me is I never really knew him and have no photograph of him. In fact I do not have any photographs of either of my grandfathers, which is very sad. I can only remember meeting one of them and that was only once. I wish I had been able to get to know them. But family issues, stopped that from happening. Now the only way to find out about them is by using family search pages.
The past couple of days, I have been kept busy painting the boat. I am now getting low on paint, so we have had to order some more, which should hopefully come in the next few days, when hopefully the weather will have warmed up again, because after the past few days of wonderful heat, the only heat we have today is from our fire. Yes I have re-lit the fire, because we have some cold weather coming down from the north. I do not feel the cold that much, but Keith certainly does these days. The slightest chill and he is diving for his thick fleece, whilst I am still in my shirt sleeves.

I got on with some baking this morning and made some butterfly cakes and scones. These will keep us going for a few days. I like to have cake in the tin, usually in case anyone visits, but of course that is not happening at the moment, so the cake is purely for our own enjoyment. I dread to think how much I will weigh after this virus is over, because I am sure not exercising enough. I am not going out of the Arm for exercise, because there has been too many people wandering about. We even had someone jump over the gate the other evening. I had gone out to lock the bunker, I heard the little gate and there was this man standing at the top of our steps, all dressed in lycra and running shoes. I asked him what he thought he was doing. He said he wanted to run along the towpath. I told him the gates are locked due to the virus and he should not be in the Arm. I made sure he was aware he was not welcome and that he could jump back over the gate. Some people have a flippen cheek. He obviously did not read the poster on the gate, which says we are in lockdown and so the gates remain locked.

Anyway as we walk towards another week in this weird world we are living in at the moment. Take care and stay safe. Do what you have to do to remain well.

Pop back soon xxx.

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