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Tuesday 12 May 2020

Day 102: Gardening and delivery.

Dear family, friends and followers.

How are we all doing?

I think I have been remarkably good throughout this whole Coronavirus lockdown, where we were told to stay at home and now we are told to stay alert. For us it will be still stay at home. Just because we know we are safe where we are for the time being.
My daughter posted something on Facebook, which I thought was brilliantly written and easy to understand with the new rules, which Boris Johnson laid out at the briefing, so I thought I would share them with you.

Simplifying what Boris said:
🔴 STEP 1 (not before Wednesday 13th May)
🔴 Outdoor exercise is now unlimited as long as you socially distance.
🔴 You are now allowed to visit parks, walk, sunbathe and even BBQ as long as you socially distance.
🔴You can now drive to other destinations in England - no distance stated - (not Scotland or Wales) to exercise as long as you socially distance.
🔴You can now play sports, but only with people from your own household to reduce the chance of infection from others.
🔴Fines to be increased for people who ignore social distancing rules and take part in social gatherings.
🔴You can now start going back to work, only if u can't work from home and social distancing can still be met - manufacturing and construction work were mentioned.
🔴You should try to avoid public transportation where possible, ideally walking or cycling to work if practical, if not then drive.
The above new measures will be monitored BEFORE moving to step 2 if there is no major increase in infections. Such an increase will result in the reinstatement of lockdown conditions.
🟡 STEP 2 (June at the earliest)
🟡The phased reopening of retail and some shops.
🟡Look at getting primary schools back. Reception, year 1 and year 6.
🟡Secondary school pupils will get some time with teachers before the holiday regarding exams.
Steps 1 & 2 will be closely monitored before moving to Step 3 which will only happen if there is no major increase in infections. A major increase will result in a return to lockdown status.
🟢 STEP 3 (no earlier than July 2020)
🟢Start to look at reopening hospitality and other public places that attract larger gatherings such as restaurants, cinemas and leisure etc.
The above is to be staged over the next two months.
⛔Social distancing rules stay in place and must still be followed.
⛔Visiting other households is still not permitted.
⛔Social gatherings are still not allowed.
⛔You do not have to return to work if your place of work is not yet allowed to open or your employer chooses to remain closed.
⛔Restricted movement is NOT over, it has just been slightly relaxed to see if doing so has an effect on the reinfection rate (R value)
⚠️Boris made it clear if the steps are not met then social distancing and restricted movement will carry on until the steps are met!
Remain aware and diligent that the virus is still a threat to your health and the health of others.
Continue to control the spread of the virus by adhering to social distancing guidelines, avoid or restrict contact with outside of your household.
Do your part to help stop the spread of the virus to yourself and others.

We cannot wait to see the family and grandchildren, but none of us will do this until we know it is completely safe. Because we have all made sure we have stuck to the rules so far, so why break them now? I am most certainly looking forward to hugging my family.

Now onto more normal things at this time.
This morning the sun was shining and the chilly wind from the past couple of days had dropped off, so I got out in one of the Arm's gardens and did some digging. There was an ulterior motive, I was waiting for a delivery. The Arm's beds have become very overgrown with weeds. I used to do a lot of work in them, but with my ribs and sternum issues, I cannot do heavy digging anymore, but I did manage to do some light digging and got rid a few of the weeds, which were becoming enormous. There is still away to go though.
This was what I was waiting for. Yes more paint for the boat. My stocks are almost depleted and so we had to send out for more supplies. I am still waiting for undercoat and some white spirit, but at least I can get going with the paintwork again. I did carry on with a bit more gardening, just to tidy it up a little.
After lunch, I spent some time in our garden, pulling out a few small weeds and trimming bushes.
Our garden is now pretty weed free, because we are at home. If we had been out cruising, we would not have seen the garden until July and so it would have been overgrown and plenty of work to do.

I am a little worried. I have not seen Mr Robin at all today. He is normally waiting in the morning for his breakfast and pops in and out all day asking for food, but I have not seen anything of him or his missus today. I am hoping they are both alright. Maybe they are nesting somewhere, or they have found a better food option. Hoping he comes back soon, maybe with his family. I have grown quite attached to him.

On Sunday I said I made Butterfly cakes and Scones. Thought I would share some photographs.
I am not a fancy cook or baker. I am what I call a plain, homely cook. I keep us both fed, which is all that matters. I like to make good wholesome food, with a mind to everything in moderation, when it comes to cakes. On saying that, I bought us both a bar of chocolate, which we have polished off during the last couple of evenings. I think at this moment in time, a few treats are what is needed, if only to keep us sane.

A quiet day in many respects. I am making sure I do not overdo things, otherwise I will leave myself nothing to do in the future weeks. I am still crocheting and have books to read, when the mood take me.
I hope that you are all staying safe and well?

Pop back soon xx

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