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Thursday, 6 October 2011

Blisworth to Caraven Moorings between High House and Stowe Hill.


Yesterday whilst we contemplated our navels (Only Joking), we were online, we heard some banging about outside, so I went to investigate, being the nosey person I am. It seems it was a canoe club out on a jolly.

Autumn is really beginning to take hold now with the leaves changing colour and falling to the ground. Conkers are plentiful despite the damage being caused by a tiny 'alien' species of leaf-mining moth. The leaves are eaten from the inside and the trees produce smaller conkers but so far the conkers I have seen have been a good size. The wind seems to be gathering in speed, so it could be a blustery night.

Thursday 6th October.

Map image

Hi Folks.

Blisworth to the Caravan Moorings between High House and Stowe Hill 6.8 miles in 3 hours 10 minutes.

I said yesterday it would be a blustery night and I was not wrong. Not only was it windy we also had some much needed rain. Before all that began we were enjoying our evening, when at 5pm I fed Paddy his dinner, I then put the generator on to top up the batteries and to do a wash as we had only done a short jaunt through the tunnel. Having done a few things online, I was in the galley at 5.30pm preparing something for dinner, when out of the corner of my eye I saw a gentleman standing on the bank at the old mill and he was pointing to his watch and mouthing something, now because I am not good with reading someone mouthing words to me, I climbed out of the engine room and asked the gentleman what he wanted.

He asked " Are you charging batteries.

I replied "Yes".

He then asked. "How much longer will that take, as I can feel the vibration".

I replied "At least another 15 minutes".

At which point he gave me the thumbs up and blew me a kiss. What I should have said to the vibration comment was, you should be so lucky, but I was not thinking quick enough. Obviously this gentleman does not know you are entitled to run your engine or generator between 8am and 8pm. There are no signs saying otherwise, not only that our generator is an inbuilt one and is no louder than a normal boat engine, so causes no harm to anyone. I am not one to upset others, but I was feeling ever so slightly miffed when I climbed back into the boat. As it turned out when I said 15 minutes I was correct, because at 5.45pm the batteries were charged and the washing had finished. It begs the question, why move next to a canal, if you do not like all it has to offer?

We will moor there again, because it is a mooring and because we liked it there.

This morning we left our over night mooring at 9.05am all wrapped up against the wind.


The wind was gathering speed, but at least the sun was shining.


We cruised beneath Candle Bridge which apparently got its name from the lady who according to local folklore used to spend her days  sitting on a small wharf selling candles for boaters to use in the tunnel. In April  2009  close to Candle Bridge became quite famous due to the ‘Blisworth Hole’. Late one night local residents heard a strange rumbling, the next day a crater allegedly over ten feet deep and certainly eight feet across appeared. This was the result it seems of water finding its own way from an old sluice paddle to an underground culvert.

Onward to Gayton Junction, where we pulled in for water, to empty the toilet cassettes and to bin so rubbish. I connected up the hosepipe and filled the tank, whilst Keith emptied the cassettes, I then got rid of rubbish. Whilst waiting for the tank to fill, Peter and his wife on NB Blackberry Way pulled in behind us, they also wanted water. Keith and Peter caught up, whilst I sorted a few things out. Finally the water tank was fun it was then the fun and games started as we tried to get Hadar off the Sanitary Station in the now quite strong wind. Keith tried to get her off without my help, but I then had to take the bow line back off and onto a bollard so Keith could power out against the wind, which we eventually managed to do. Peter was then able to take our place.


It was then onward to High House with a boat following behind. The hope was we would get a mooring at High House, but when we got there, there was a fishing competition taking place, so we carried on past Elaine and David, who were waiting for us. We said we would get in at the Caravan Field mooring, as it is locally known. It is in between bridges 27 & 28, between High House and Stowehill Wharfs. We have moored up using the recently purchased Rond Anchors, Keith had been looking for them for many years. They were very popular on the River Thames for mooring on the banks when he was boating on there, and despite their small size, and ease of fitting (you just stand on them and press them into the ground) they are very effective. To be sure that they did not come out, I suggested we put a centre line on a mooring pin as insurance. Better to be safe than sorry, especially in this wind. We are going to be here all weekend, so they will be tested fully I reckon.

After we had moored David texted us to let us know that they were going into Northampton by car if we wanted to go with them. I let them know we would love to join them, so having had a quick bit to eat, We duly walked round to their mooring at the agreed time, and met them. We were soon parked up, and we all headed off for our various destinations, agreeing to meet back at the car at a set time.

One thing I wanted to do was to get some new shoes for my 1930's/40's costume and I had seen some on-line, so we set off to find Deichmann. I was pretty sure the shop wasn’t in the Grosvenor Centre, but after walking around the whole of Northampton’s shops it was, lol. Just goes to show how much I know.


Still I have my shoes, so I am a happy bunny. They will look fantastic for next years Village at War weekend. I dare say I will wear them before that though, just to wear them in.

David and Elaine have invited us to dinner tonight, so as a thank you I bought Elaine some flowers from the market, as I felt it was the least I could do, I have also got a bottle of wine which we will enjoy over dinner.

We are now back at the boat and despite the even stronger winds, our boat has not moved from her mooring. So I should sleep safe in my bed tonight. Chat soon xx

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