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Thursday, 13 October 2011

Downton Hill to Welford.

Hi Folks.

An early start to my day, as we were both awake at 6.30am. Not what was ordered, but for some stupid reason I wake up earlier and earlier these days. I guess it must be something to do with age, because I keep getting told "the older you get, the less sleep you need". At this rate I will not bother going to bed when I reach 70 yrs old. So with the early start came an early cup of tea. As I lay in bed and Keith was in the bathroom, we could both hear running water. Having listened hard to discover it was coming from the engine room. Keith opened the engine room door to find it drizzling and the rain was running down the side of the boat, down on to the gunwale and this was then running into the canal. Because the drizzle was making no noise on the roof of the boat, we had no clue that it was raining. I climbed back into bed and drank my tea, I then lit the back cabin stove, because it was a tad chilly with the drizzle falling outside. Marmite immediately realised the fire had be lit, so came and found a comfy place to lie down. It was then time to get up because Paddy was looking to go out. Keith and I folded the bed away for the day, I then took Paddy out for his walk along the towpath, whilst he sniffed everything he could find, I collected twigs which would go in my twig bucket. Back on the boat, Keith had got my breakfast ready, but before I could eat my cereal, Paddy and Marmite both wanted feeding. Touch FM was on the radio and horror of horrors, they were playing Shakin Stevens "Merry Christmas" arghhhhh its only October. Flippen heck the year has gone quick enough already without making it any worse.

At 9.40am we were ready to set off, destination Welford. The drizzle had all but stopped and there was even a sign that the sun may just put in an appearance, but that was short lived. As we made our way towards Welford Junction a Kingfisher flew in front of the boat, as if to show us the way. That is the great thing about this time of year, you can see the Kingfishers really easily. We arrived at Welford Junction at 10.25am, there was not one boat moored on the concrete moorings, which was amazing, because you normally see at least one moored up. We had a pleasant cruise along the Welford Arm, up through the one lock and then winded at the basin. We are now moored up at the wharf ready for our coal delivery tomorrow. Marmite and Paddy are out on the back counter and I am now going to sign off because we are going to The Wharf Inn for some lunch. xx

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