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Sunday, 2 October 2011

Village at War, Day One.

Hi Folks.

The organisers could not have asked for better weather, it was stunning, if not a little to hot, which was only made hotter because I had the back cabin stove going, so I could keep a kettle on the boil.

Keith and I prepared the boat for the days gongoozler's, blog and facebook followers, we then took an early walk around the site so we could get some photos before it got crowded, this proved to be a wise move because it got very busy.


This was the Black Market area, with all the stalls selling contraband, and lots of lovely 1930/40’s clothing. Keith managed to get a new waistcoat, and I got a couple of snoods for my hair.


The Americans were well represented with these superb vehicles and there were plenty of army and navy personnel around. We also had a representative from the Australian army who managed to get a coup of tea out of us for him and his partner. They were a lovely couple and it was nice to meet them. He spends 6 months over here then goes back to Aus for there summer.


The model tanks are here again, Keith loved watching rumble around the site last year. At the end of the day they did a re-enactment battle, we could hear the guns going off from the boat.


The Home Guard were patrolling the towpath, making sure we were all safe.


The local bobby was interested in our load of coal, and whether it was legal!IMG_5686







I got to say hello to Lola Lamour, whe was once again entertaining the crowds and a few took to the dance floor. Lola is really lovely and has an amazing voice.


Even Monty was around.


And so was Churchill.

It was wonderful to see so many people we know from the boating world, facebook and from the blog. A special mention goes out to Stewart who has NB Teazle who came and spoke to us, Stewart reads our blogs, so hello Stewart. Steve and Maggie off of NB Albert also came and paid us a visit as they were passing, it was lovely to catch up with them and to hear all about their summer cruising and winter plans. We met up with so many people we know and did not know sorry I cannot name you all, but thank you for coming to say hello.

There is a good turn out of Historic Narrow Boats, in all there are 20 here, which is fantastic.

Here's to Sunday and another great day.

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