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Sunday, 9 October 2011

Meatballs and custard.

Hi Folks.

A later start to my Sunday, because I was in  no hurry to get out of bed. Paddy did not get his walk until after 8.30am, but he did get to enjoy a run across one of the fields, which meant he took a very slow walk back to the boat, where I then cooked Keith and I poached eggs, bacon and mushrooms on toast. Keith normally cooks Sunday breakfasts, but I did it for a change. After breakfast I got on with relighting the back cabin stove, so I could cook the days meals and to dry the washing I had put in the washing machine, this washed whilst the generator was charging the batteries for the day.

Today's evening meal was to be the remainder of the meatballs from yesterday.


To the pan I also added an onion and a leek and allowed it to fry off. Whilst that was happening, I sliced some carrots, butternut squash, sweet potato and ordinary white garden potato and put them in a casserole pot.


The meatballs, onion and leek was then added to the casserole pot, with garlic, a stock cube and enough water to cover the ingredients. I then put the lid on and placed it in the oven to slow cook all day. By late afternoon, it was cooked through.


So I added some broad beans and mushrooms, thickened the stock and placed it back in the oven.

With dinner now coming to the boil, I got on with painting the porthole liners with a second coat of red paint. The galley doors are now finished all be it they need a coat of clear varnish, but that will only happen once the paint has dried hard.


Before lunch Keith and I removed the terret's off of the pigeion box for the winter. Through the winter, I do not clean the brass as much as I do throughout the spring and summer, so to cut down on any cleaning I may do, we take off things which need a lot of cleaning. The terret's are cleaned, wrapped up and put away until spring and in there place we put a nut and bolt, to stop the rain coming in. There seemed to be plenty of people on the move again today, some passing us slower than others. I am sure some people do not know what tick over is.

After lunch we sat down and watched the Japanese F1 GP, congratulations to Jenson Button on winning the race and to Vettle who has won the championship for the second year running, he is actually the youngest ever driver to do it back to back.

Elaine came and saw us bringing with her a jar of her homemade Mincemeat, which will definitely be going into a pie for Christmas. I will enjoy it with ice cream and Keith will probably have custard. I am not a custard lover.

As the day wore into evening, Keith took Paddy out for his evening walk and I got on with dishing up our meatball casserole dinner, which even though I say it myself was yummy. For pudding we enjoyed banana's, I had mine with yogurt and Keith had his with custard. Outside it is now dark and it is not even 7pm yet arghhhhhh winter is coming. The wind has begun to blow again, yet we are nice and cosy inside. Ground Hog Day is on the TV and now as I type this final sentence, I am thinking about tomorrow and the fact that we have the Buckby flight to do. So on that note I am off to check mail and to sit and enjoy the delights on the TV tonight.

Take care and stay safe out there xx

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