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Saturday, 15 October 2011

First Frost.

Hi Folks.

The weather is on the change and this morning there was a definite chill in the air, inside the back cabin and outside. I relit the back cabin stove, to take the chill off. As I emptied the ash into the bucket on the back counter, there was a mist on the canal and in the valley.


Not only that when I took Paddy out for his walk at 8am there was also a frost on the ground brrrrrrr.









But as it is mid way through October, we cannot expect much else.

Whilst I ate my breakfast standing at the galley window (I know I should have been sat down), I noticed a Brambling in the bush eating Blackberries.


I am hopeful I will get some more photographs of them and I will try to get a better focus.

With it being such a beautiful morning, I left the boat at just after 9am with my camera, to see what delights I could snap.












With there being no breeze the reflections on the water were stunning.


It was a good morning for photography.












Even the bird life were in good voice.









A very beautiful Robin, who sung a merry tune.









After a lovely walk around the inclined plane, it was back to the boat, where we decided to go to the top lock cafe to see Gary and of course to have a coffee. We stood and chatted to the lock keeper about the lack of water and what may happen next we also nattered to others gathered there before walking back to the boat.

Lunchtime we had a visit from Don and Gill off of NB Idunno, who have a winter mooring in Market Harborough. They came out for a drive and a bacon roll at Gary's. It was great to see them and to catch up on all their news. After soup and bread for lunch, the fire was stoked and the TV went on for the F1 qualifying. It was then we heard the news that Wales lost the semi-final to France by one point in the Rugby World Cup, they must feel gutted, but they did there very best. Sadly today we also heard that Betty Driver died at the age of 91. Betty is best known for her hot pot in Coronation Street, she had continued to be in the program until a month or so ago, when poor health meant she could not be filmed. A sad loss.

As the day has worn on, I have done very little for a change. I am enjoying the fact that we are sitting back and letting the world go by for a change. I plan on doing just the same tomorrow as well. I a may even go out with my camera again, so watch this space.

Chat soon xx

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