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Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Crick to Downton Hill.

Hi Folks.

Downton Hill

Crick to Downton Hill 8 miles in 5 hours 10 minutes.

Another breezy start to the day, but remarkably mild for October. Despite it being mild, I still lit the back cabin stove so I could do the days cooking on and in it and so the kettle was always on the boil.

Having got the stove fire going and Paddy walked, I headed to the Post Office, not to buy stamps, but to buy some bread, mushrooms and a TV paper. There break is a little on the expensive side, but it is freshly baked and we both love it.

We left Crick at 9.20am after saying cheerio to Bruce on NB Boston, he had just come back from the shop. We will see him again at Welford.

Cracks Hill

Cracks Hill was looking a little dry due to the lack of rain.

A boater found out the consequences of mooring on the outside of bends, when we clobbered him, whilst negotiating the bend with a hire boat coming in the opposite direction, who planted themselves in the middle of the canal. I don’t think they will be doing that again, they should know better than mooring on the outside of a bend. I asked the hire boater if they were ok and they signaled they were fine. So I wave them on their way.

We had a very quiet cruise after that only meeting a couple of boats coming in the opposite direction. We moored up at Downton Hill at 12.30pm and I immediately got on with making us some Tomato Soup for lunch with some of the bread I bought from the post office. The plan is to stay here for a couple of days. We have a digital TV signal, so we can watch some decent TV, now I just have to hope there is something decent to watch. Knowing my luck it will be positively dreadful. I am also hoping to get some more paintwork done if it remains dry and mild.

So on that note I will say cheerio for now xx

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