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Monday, 3 October 2011

Village at War, Day 2.

Hi Folks.

If ever an event deserved good weather it was this one and it was blessed for the second day running with amazing weather, which sadly it did not get last year because on the Sunday it had been wet and cold, what a contrast this year phewww it was shorts and cold drinks weather this time.

Just like Saturday the day began early preparing the boat for all the people who would come and look at here and chat to us. I opted to leave my dress on the hanger and go for a idle woman look with dungarees and hair up with a snood, this proved to be a cooler option in the end. I also opted to leave the back cabin stove out.

With us all ready for the onslaught, the first event of the day was the Morning Service which was conducted by the Reverend Colin Hutchings in the NAFFI on stage 2, the home guard then did a march to the lock.


Ken Roseblade aka Winston Chruchill gave a stirring speech before the acts came on for the day.


Lola Lamour was on hand singing wartime songs at the Alhambra stage as was Paul Casper aka George Formby, who took over the NAFFI stage 2 after the church service.


Gracie Fields also appeared to entertain the massing crowds.

Keith remained on the boat most of the day running the engine for the gongoozlers, he also spent a lot of time chatting to people about the short history of our boat. Hadar may not be very old, but people wanted to know all about her. I think at such events it is important to be with your boat to talk to people about the history of the boat and about the canals, this is what people like and in fact pay the entrance fee for. I on the other hand was out and about taking photographs. Not only could people enjoy the singing they also got to enjoy a tea dance in the village hall and a 1940's fashion show in the church, which I was told was packed out.

As the temperature began to rise more and more some were finding it a great opportunity to snooze.


Whilst out taking photographs, I caught up with Aussie Gary and Rachel, who were enjoying a cup of tea at the museum.


Gary is off back to Australia via Hawaii and Rachel back to Barrow-on-Soar ( I know which I would prefer). Gary assured me he would be back again next year.

2pm and it was time for the flying display by a Lysander Mk3, I positioned myself in the field with the vintage cars and army trucks and got some cracking photographs of the plane doing its thing.

lysander Mk3

It pays to be in the right place at the right time and to look your best as this photograph proved.


A girl has to look her best at all times, because you never know who maybe watching LOL.

The weekend had been a huge success, not just for the museum and the friends, it was also a success for the trading boats.


Heather and Tony on The Fudge Boat (Sanity?) had a good weekend as did,


Geraldine and Michael on The Cheese Boat. Their grand-daughter Sophie was also on hand helping with cheese sales and with her raffle, to raise funds for her to run the London Marathon next year, she was raffling off a giant saint bernard dog. I was given the honour of pulling out the winning raffle ticket and the winner was a young man called Leo from Tamworth, now they just have to arrange delivery of the huge dog, at least it will not cost them a fortune to feed it ;0). The only person not to have any success was Nick on Aldgate who is still trying to find the perfect boat companion, he has got so desperate that he is advertising.


So if you fit the bill and fancy a life on the boats, contact Nick on Aldgate.

After another incredible day, I really did not feel much like cooking, so we had a take away from The Spice of Bruerne, whilst we wanted for our meal we sat outside and enjoyed a pint of Cobra each. The perfect way to end what was on of the best weekend event we have been to this year. I for one cannot wait for next years event. I have spoken to so many wonderful people and made many new friends. It was wonderful to catch up with many boating friends and friends on dry land as well. There were so many that way to many to mention, so if Keith and I spoke to you over the weekend, thank you for coming and saying hello. We look forward to seeing you again wither on the water or next year.

Chat soon xx

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