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Thursday, 27 October 2011

Welford Junction to Crick.


Hi Folks.

Welford Junction to Crick, 4 hours 35 minutes and 10 miles cruised.

Oh the joy of listening to rain thumping on the roof of the back cabin over night and this morning was music to my ears. I know, I know you will be thinking we don't need rain, but sorry to say we need lots and lots of it at the moment. I can imagine the local reservoirs will be so pleased if they could talk ha ha ha. Unfortunately I suspect that this rain will be a spit in the ocean, because it will take months of rain before they are full again.

Paddy seemed to enjoy his morning walk despite the rain, normally he hates being out in the rain. back on the boat Keith had put my breakfast out ready for me, which I enjoyed once Nog and Dog were fed.

We set off at 9am this morning amidst light rain, which although it wasn’t going to do a lot to fill the reservoirs, at least it was helping to make a splash. The rain came at us in waves, and lasted for most of our journey today, we pulled in to sell some Brasso to a boater, but we could not get anywhere near the bank because the water level was down by at least 3" still. At Mountain Barn we met up with Mark on Callisto, which was laden down with coal, diesel and other items, this was making for slow going, I think Mark was in for a long day.

Callisto and Mark

We were struggling, so it must have been far worse for him. We moored at Yelvertoft to take on water, whilst the tank was filling I made us some lunch. Once the tank was topped up, which didn’t take long as it is a fast flowing tap, we set off again heading for Crick, meeting boats coming in the opposite direction. At the moment the water level is still about 3” down, and as we pulled into our mooring at Crick, it was evident we were not going to get into the side, poor Paddy is not going to like the jump to the bank this evening when Keith takes him for his walk, because he hates jumping gaps, it is either that or he will have to cross his legs.

We have a very good TV signal here, so hopefully we can watch something good on TV tonight. I have just made a Chicken Korma, which is now cooking in the back cabin stove. Both Paddy and Marmite are in the back cabin in the warm. I am thinking whether or not I should head off to the shop to get a few bits. I will think on it whilst I make us a coffee, so for now cheerio xx

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