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Friday, 7 October 2011

Strong winds and a randy Ram.

Hi Folks.

Last evening Keith and I enjoyed a lovely evening with our friends Elaine and David on board their boat Patience at High House. Elaine cooked us a fabulous meal, which was washed down by a couple of glasses of wine, and lots of chit chat, whilst we listened to the wind whistling outside. We had so much to catch up on, having not seen them for sometime. Having enjoyed a wonderful evening with dear friends, we walked back to the boat along the towpath in the dark, our only guide was the stars and the moon gave a warming glow for us to see our way. Neither of us expected to arrive back at the boat listening to a generator running at 10pm. The caravan on the field opposite us was running a generator, through the window we could see they had a TV running. I have no problem with them watching their TV, but to still be running their generator at 10pm was not on. I do not know if the caravan club has rules like we do on the canal where you do not run an engine or generator after 8pm, but I think they should do. Not only was it annoying to us, it must have been to the house next door and not to mention the Ram and Ewes in the same field. Thankfully by 10.30pm they had turned the generator off, so it was off to bed for me.

This morning I did not wake up until 8am, lying at the bottom of the bed was Marmite, who had made herself a nice comfy bed in the crocheted blanket. The wind had died down a little and the sun was pouring through the portholes in the pigeon box. I could have happily laid in bed for another hour, but Paddy was sitting near the engine room looking at me, with an expression on his face which said "I need to go out mum", so I got up and dressed, whilst Keith put the bed away. Paddy and I walked up the towpath and into a field where he sped off down the hill to the bottom of the field. After a mooch around he took a more sedate walk back up the hill, whilst doing what was needed before heading back to the boat.

Both Paddy and Marmite were fed before I tucked into my cereal and cup of tea. I then went on line to harvest the crops on Farm Town, whilst I thought of things I could possibly do.


A few yards from the boat some Canada Geese were bathing and clearly enjoying themselves as they rolled over in the water. IMG_2205

In the field opposite the caravan had gone with its noisy generator yippee, so now we, the Ewes and the Ram have peace and quiet to go about our day. The view from the galley window is of the Ram was clearly enjoying his day with all the ladies to impress.


I have a feeling he is going to be a very busy boy.


After lunch Keith and I got into the hold to re-arrange the coal, because we are taking on a delivery on the 14th October and needed to make room for some loose coal, we are also taking on more firelighters, kindling and toilet blue. It was then time for a coffee and to remove the coal dust from my hands and arms. Dinner is cooking in the back cabin stove, Marmite is asleep on top of the gas cooker and Paddy is snoozing by my feet, so all is well with our world, especially as we have got the TV signal working better, after Keith tinkered with the aerial cable. I was pretty grumpy this morning, when we appeared to have no signal, because we should have done. With the weekend coming there is bound to be some good films on, and now I can enjoy them.

I am off now to check on dinner so chat soon xx

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