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Saturday, 29 October 2011

Meet and Greet.

Hi Folks.

Yet another day of having a very poor GPRS signal, so no photographs sorry.

On waking up early this morning, it was apparent that we were leaning at a jaunty angle, so Keith got up and let the stern rope off a little to allow us to level up, I riddled the old ash out of the fire and got it going again, the kettle was soon singing a merry tune. Whilst Keith was up he made us a cup of tea, which we enjoyed huddled in bed where it was nice and cosy. The birds were just beginning to sing, at first I a Robin began singing and then a Wren joined in and before we knew it, the dawn chorus was in full swing. Marmite had slept on the bed most of the night, but now that the stove was warming up, she abandoned the bed for the side bed and my fleece. I could hear Paddy stirring in his bed, which could only mean one thing, he wanted to go out. So having enjoyed my cuppa, I was up and dress and out the back cabin doors with him on the towpath. We walked up to the tunnel, whilst Paddy did what he needed to do, I listened to the bird song and to the Crows squabbling over something in the field across the cut. We only had one other boat moored up with us over night, and they were also getting up because I could hear the fire being stoked. We had enjoyed a very quiet night above the locks, but the day would prove to be much more hectic.

After breakfast, it was time to get a few things done. Keith painted the engine exhaust in the engine room with White matt paint, whilst I got on with cooking a Sausage Casserole, which ended up being put in the back cabin stove to slow cook, whilst that was cooking I got on with cleaning some of the brass in the back cabin. Painting done, Keith got on with an electrical job in the saloon, which will make our lives much easier. Electrical sockets in the saloon for the printer are behind the printer on the floor and are difficult to get so, so Keith has moved the socket higher up, so we can reach it at all times. Now I do not have to get down on my knees every time I need to switch it on. With old age creeping in fast, this will be of benefit later on hahahaha. Because there was no room in the saloon for me, whilst Keith did this job, I tidied and cleaned the back cabin which was a little dusty due to the ash and soot from the back cabin stove. I washed some of the plates, shook the rag rugs, swept and washed the floor. It was all neat and tidy once more. The time was moving onward as were the boats which were coming up through the lock or heading down to the locks. As I stood on the back counter drinking a coffee a boat came past me heading for the lock, and my first thought was "I wonder if they will wait for another boat to join them". The answer was NO, they immediately began filling the lock, opened the gates and moved the boat into the lock, they were about to wind the paddles up, when I shouted to them "There is a boat coming". I spotted a boat coming out of the tunnel. They must have seen this boat in the tunnel behind them, but did not seem to realise they needed to wait and share the lock with it. I stood on the back counter and waited for the other boat to join them. It says clearly on the lock gate, that boats should be prepared to wait up to an hour for another boat to share the locks with. But people are ignoring the signs. On only two occasions today have boats actually sat and waited for another boat to join them. To all those people who are not sharing locks YOU ARE SELFISH. Read the notices PLEASE.

Before I knew it, it was 12 noon and time for some lunch, which was salad rolls and homemade cake. Having just finished lunch there was a knock on the boat and who should be standing on the towpath but Maffi and Molly the dog. Maffi is moored up below the locks at Bridge 1 and had walked up to say hello, which was nice of him. It was the first time we had met Molly, who is adorable. If you have never read Maffi's blog, I suggest you do, because it is a good read. BLOG. Maffi say's it as it is and whilst some may not agree with some of the things he writes about, he is only saying what many are thinking. I love reading his blog. We spent a good couple of hours nattering to Maffi over tea and coffee, it was such great fun catching up with him and meeting Molly. On Maffi's way up to us, he filled a dustbin liner with rubbish that he had picked up on the towpath. Have people never heard of bins???

2pm Keith and Maffi walked off down the towpath with Molly. Maffi was heading back to his boat and Keith was heading to the Chandlery to get some O rings for our water pump. When he returned, he  was unable to get any O rings because they did not have the size we required, oh well it was worth a try. Whilst he was away, I thought I would watch a film, but when I switched on the TV, there was no signal grrrrrrrrr, so no film. As I type Keith is making me a coffee awwwww. Paddy is in his bed and Marmite is in the back cabin where it is warm. After my coffee, I will get on with making some dumplings for the Sausage Casserole, which we will enjoy tonight.
I hope your weekend is a good one. Chat soon xx

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