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Sunday, 30 October 2011

Did You Remember????

Hi Folks.

The clocks went back

Did you remember?

We remembered to put the back cabin clock back, so it was with some annoyance that we should be awake at 5.40am grrrrr. Marmite on the other hand or should I say paw, was very happy to find us awake, because she was in the mood to play. It had more to do with the fact that her food bowls were empty, as she had obviously had a midnight food party, with only one cat invited. With the thought of us now being wake and up so early, I made us both a brew, Marmite saw this as a sign that she was going to get fed. No chance.

As I sat in bed drinking my very early cuppa, the sound of silence was almost deafening, until a lone Blackbird sounded an alarm call, Marmite's ears immediately pricked up, she clearly had breakfast in mind, not that she has ever caught a bird in her life, but I guess it is just an natural instinct in cats. Again the Blackbird let out a call, warning that there was something on the prowl. Maybe my bird feeders, that I put out yesterday were getting some early visitors. The silence outside was soon restored and Marmite's attention was drawn to the wood bucket, which she leapt into with gusto. I could see that she clearly has mischief on her mind, this then alerted Paddy to the fact that something was amiss, so he was then up and stretching in his bed, all of this before 6.15am or 7.15am if you forgot to put your clock back. So there was I wide awake pondering whether to get up or not. The latter won, and I snuggled back down in bed with the other half, which annoyed Marmite some, because she was beginning to realise that no matter what she did to get my attention it, was not working. Keith had a wrestling match with her in the bed, before I crawled out of bed to get dressed, because Paddy was now thinking it was 8.30am and he should be walked, after all a dog can only cross its legs for so long. Dressed and off the boat, this time we walked down the locks, where we met a couple of ladies walking their dogs. Nice to know others were out and about early.

As Paddy and I walked, Keith prepared a cooked breakfast, which as always was scrummy and just what was called for on an early Sunday morning. It is now 9.15am, the generator is charging the batteries for the day, Marmite is looking out of the galley window across the canal, Paddy is snoozing in his bed and all is well with my world on this Sunday morning, which reminds me it is the end of the British Summer today, so if you have not got out your thermals yet, I suggest you do so and put away your shorts and t-shirts for another year. Not sure what the day will bring, but I am off to enjoy a coffee, then I will think about the rest of my day. Chat soon xx

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