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Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Pets MOT

Hi Folks.

Yesterday it was our MOT, today Marmite and Paddy had their MOT, but that did not happen until later in the day.

Our day began with another chilly start, so I relit the back cabin stove and made us a cuppa. The day began like all other days, with breakfast, dog walking and the usual boat chores. After all of that Keith noticed a wet patch on the galley floor, which tied in with the fact that our water pump kept going off yesterday. Because when we took the shelf out of the sink cupboard, we saw a wet floor, which meant one thing, a leak grrrrrrr. This was not what was called for especially as Keith is still struggling with his back. On closer inspection we found that the pump was leaking on one of the joint, this was not to difficult to fix thankfully. After turning off the water the pimp was taken out, the joint had Vaseline applied to both ends, it was then reconnected and hey presto job done. Now we just have to dry the floor of the cupboard out, so there is no door on the cupboard or floor and the contents of the cupboard are sitting in the saloon for the time being. I made us a coffee whilst we watched the pump to see if it was going to leak, no leaks which was a relief. Keith's next job was to play with the new aerial cable and signal booster he ordered from Maplins. It is specially designed for cars/caravans/boats and is powered directly from 12/24v. He set it up and so far it seems to have improved the signal to our TV’, no we want to try it on the TV in the boatman’s cabin. If it works well other boaters may be interested in it.

After some lunch it was time for me to get Marmite in her cat basket, she really was no impressed with that idea and did her best to evade her capture. Paddy was quite excited at the prospect of going out, so he was none to bothered about having his lead put on. Having secured Marmite in her basket, she complained all the way to the meeting place, where I was to wait for Myles from Paws4walking, who was very kindly going to collect us and take us to Vets4less in Market Harborough. Myles duly arrived at 1.40pm, this was the point that Paddy decided he did not want to play the game, refusing to jump up into the van. After some encouragement though he did get into the cage in the back of the van. I then kept my fingers crossed that he did not throw up. Marmite was also put in the back of the van, where she continued to meow her disapproval. We were soon at the vets and both Marmite and Paddy behaved impeccably whilst being seen by the vet. They both came through their MOT and vaccinations with flying colours, which was fantastic and it only cost me £35, which is so much cheaper than last year when we went to another vet. It was Myles who told me about Vets4less and I will definitely use them again. MOT over it was back in the van and homeward. I was so proud of Paddy for not throwing up in Myles van, Marmite even stopped meowing.

Back on the boat, they are both crashed out, not sure if that is down to the vaccinations or the van journey. I now have to think about dinner tonight, so I am off now. Chat soon xx


  1. gosh that's reasonable for vaccination ....wonder if vets4less are in my area....x

  2. Hiya. I am not sure, you should be able to find out online by putting in vets4less. They are most definitely cheaper. Hope you find one your way xx


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