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Wednesday, 12 October 2011

British Waterways guidelines.

British Waterways has published the new guidelines for continuous cruisers, now they seem reasonable enough, but will they be any better enforced than the old ones?


I will be interested to see if the boat which has been moored in the same place for 3 years on the Leicester Line is actually moved on.


  1. On the Oxford BW stff have been telling CMers to pick a few spots and move regularly that came from no less than Lisa Jarvis. No1 in mooring matters in this area. As much as I welcome the psuedo new guide lines they didnt enforce the old ones why will these be any different?

    It seems to me that BW staff need to understand their rules before telling others to break them.

  2. Hi Maffi.
    I could not agree with you more. I was told the same thing by a boater whilst at Stoke Bruerne. They have an arrangement with George the enforcement officer that they move between certain spots and he is happy with that.
    All the enforcement officers need to sing from the same sheet for any of this to work and as we know they are not doing so.


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