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Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Winding down.

Hi Folks.

Wow what a fantastic few days we have had and now I feel like I have been winding down very slowly.
Whilst the winding down took place, I spent some time on the internet and our photograph on the Friends of the Museum page. If they had asked I would have removed our modern camera from the shot, as it does not look terribly 1940's. There are also some amazing photographs on About My Area, someone had been snapping away.

Yesterday and today have been about watching people leave Stoke Bruerne and see the Village at War village return to normal. Today for me has been a busy one, because with the weather about to get back to normal for October, I thought I should make a start on Autumn boat jobs, so I firstly took the Summer curtains down and washed them and hung them to dry on the back counter, I then found the Winter curtains out and hung them back up. Keith and I then checked the gearbox oil level to make sure she did not need topping up. I got on with changing our Summer clothing to Winter clothing in our cupboards, so now all the Summer cloths have been stowed away for next Summer and our cupboards are bursting with Winter woolies and shirts. After all that hard work, a much needed lunch break and cuppa were called for, so was a natter with Mac and Pam on NB Mona Lisa, they are moored behind us, after we moved closer to them, because where we were moored we kept knocking into something below the water, not only that yesterday two boats knocked into us, so moving was the best course of action we felt. I do love nattering to Mac and Pam, they really make me laugh with their antics. It will be a shame to leave them tomorrow, but we are going in different directions.

2.45pm I was off down the towpath with my trolley and boxes to collect a Tesco food delivery. The gentleman was very prompt and arrived just after 3pm. The worst part of any food shop is the fact that it has to be stowed away. I spent the next half an hour putting the shopping away, so now the cupboards, fridge and freezer are full for another fortnight. I have also stocked up on a few larger items, which were on offer, so I have plenty of toilet rolls, washing liquid and washing-up liquid, which should see us through the Winter. On the food front we have plenty of Fray Bentos Pies, soups and coffee. On the food front I now have to decide what to have for dinner tonight as I am spoilt for choice, but not sure I have the energy to cook LOL.

Tomorrow we are off back through the tunnel and then we will see where we go from there, so I will say cheerio for now. xx

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